Elleven Dental
one of London’s best kept secrets


I am a big tea and coffee drinker. Much more than wine (don’t actually like it that much – forgive me?) and more than any other drink, probably including water. Over the years this has certainly taken its toll, but not in any disastrous way – just in a normal, tea-drinkery way. My teeth have never looked brown or stained, but they were definitely on the standard yellowish side.

I’ve actually wanted to whiten my teeth for as long as I can remember. But there have always been a few things that have stopped me… and these are those:

  • Terrified of being left with some dazzling unnatural looking hollywood smile (actually terrified)
  • The TERRIBLE PAIN (I’ve heard some horror stories and I’m sure you have too)
  • The long lasting damage I’d do to my teeth
  • Being left with sensitive teeth forever and never again being able to eat ice cream. Any flavour. Catastrophe.



Elleven Dental on Devonshire Place

It’s true – there are plenty of dodgy teeth whitening kits you can get hold of and products in chemists that promise the world, but what I didn’t know was that nestled away in the Harley Street District was Elleven Dental – a friendly, world-class dental practice. Which was confusing at first, as this was unlike any other dental experience I have ever had. EVER.

It is beautiful dentistry. Fairytale stuff. Sofas and magazines and calm. I could have fallen asleep in that candy floss chair. And quite frankly, I trusted my dentist implicitly so it wouldn’t have mattered if I had.



Elleven Dental has got to be one of London’s best kept secrets in the world of health and wellbeing. I couldn’t quite believe it when I walked inside, was met with gleaming smiles (natch) and friendly folk on reception, who looked after me and led me up to the ENORMOUS room where I’d have all my appointments.

High ceilings, enormous windows through which light flooded in, pretty cornicing, gorgeous fireplaces, beautiful wooden flooring… quite frankly, I’d have moved in if they’d let me.




My lovely dentist

I went for my initial consultation last year and they explained to me that all my fears about whitening were understandable, but that I had no need to worry, because Elleven Dental use a whitening system called Enlighten, which is unlike any other whitening system or product. In a good way. Obvs. It is, in fact, the world’s best performing teeth whitening treatment.


Enlighten products have lower amounts of peroxide than many other whitening products, and this was the clincher for me. The peroxide is the stuff that can reek havoc with your teeth and their sensitivity, so I immediately felt reassured.

After talking everything through with my dentist, (and her giving my teeth a good once over to make sure all was well) I was good to go and we made an appointment for me to come back so they could arrange a bespoke mould to fit my teeth perfectly.

I was then sent away with some of the Enlighten serum, which I’d use as a toothpaste for two weeks, to prepare my teeth for the treatment and help reduce any sensitivity I might experience. (Which worked – I had hardly any sensitivity at all).



These gels were in easy to use syringes, which I kept in the fridge


After the two weeks had passed, I went back to Elleven Dental to collect my moulds and the gels and was given some clear instructions on how to look after them (gels lived in the fridge) and how to use them. The treatment had been adapted to suit me and my needs – they knew I didn’t want to have a dazzling grill, but more a English Rose, natural looking white & healthy teeth vibe.


BEFORE the treatment


AFTER the treatment

Each night, I squeezed a little bit of the gel into each tooth groove, and then slotted the moulds over my top and bottom teeth. Any excess gel could be easily wiped away with cotton bud and aside from a little bit of tingling as the process went on, I experienced no pain at all.

I slept in the moulds and each morning I took them off as I’d been shown and wiped my teeth clean. By day two I could already see a difference and as I approached the end of my treatment, I was very excited to see the very obvious (yet natural looking) changes that had occurred over the two weeks.


You can see that immediately after the treatment, my teeth were a bit blotchy. This is completely normal. They gave me some special tooth paste to use and after a few weeks, the blotchiness was gone and I’ve been left with a lovely gleaming (and natural!) smile

Elleven Dental absolutely nailed it. My teeth have truly never looked better and I am thrilled with the results.

The great news is that once you have had the treatment, the moulds are yours to keep, so if you want to top up the whiteness in the future, you can just purchase some more of the gels as and when you need them.

Thank you so much, Elleven Dental Practice, for showing me the light! I haven’t stopped raving about you ;)

Elleven Dental
11 Devonshire Place
London W1G 6HT


 I was invited to try the Enlighten tooth whitening treatment by Elleven Dental,
and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Elleven Dental
one of London’s best kept secrets

  1. This sounds like such a wonderful dentist, I’ll have to try them out as I’ve been thinking of getting my teeth whitened for ages. I went to Harley Street to have my eyes lasered 9 years ago and the service at that clinic was amazing, I feel like the practices that are there do offer something over and above x

  2. Ugh. Poppy. Nice blog. Nyyergh… I am TERRIFIED of the dentist so this post is like the beast at the threshold, as it’s my first time here in the land of Poppy :s

    Will check out some other posts. ~shudders~.

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