12 days. 5 cities.
It’s good to be home.


Dearests, it’s been a while.

It’s been me, a camera and a suitcase for the last couple of weeks, with no time to stop, edit photos, sip a leisurely coffee or just say hey to you lovely lot.

I’ve been whizzing about London, Bath, Berlin, Brighton and Madrid and finally got home last night, where I collapsed on the sofa in front of Bake Off (which I had recorded. Because I am clever) with tea.

It’s been a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to telling you all about it…

But for now, this is a hello from me to you and a big thank you for all your wonderful comments, recommendations and waves on Instagram & Twitter, as I wended my way about the world….

I’m heading into town now, so if you see me, wave.

And perhaps buy me a cuppa – all I have are Euros.


p.s. This is a photo of one of my favourite shop discoveries in Madrid… more details over on my Instagram.




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It’s good to be home.

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