Happy 70th, DELSEY!

Delsey Suitcase

In a landscape so saturated with hundreds of different brands of suitcases, travel bags and luggage, it is a triumphant feat and a true testament of their product, that DELSEY has made it to 70 years old… and is still going strong!

If you’re not very familiar with the brand, let me fill you in. DELSEY was born in France in 1946 and is known for its style, their incredibly light suitcases (SO LIGHT!) and also for their quality – they are extremely well made.






To celebrate their 70th birthday, they have given me this limited edition suitcase to give away to one of you! Full details are at the bottom of this post, but in the meantime, I want to tell you about some of its nifty features…

DELSEY claims to have created the lightest luggage and the strongest zip cases EVER. That is a big, bold statement, but having played around with my case for a while now, it’s clear that they’re not pulling my leg.

The case really is extremely light – it actually took me by surprise and had to call in LM from the other room to check I wasn’t going mad. I wasn’t. It’s LIGHT. Not as light as a feather. But still, really, really light.


The suitcase has a lovely dip dye, ombre look to it…


The double wheels make the case SO EASY to move about in all directions – have a peek at the video below…

So often, the zips let down a piece of luggage. A suitcase may look lovely and stylish, but the zip is always the giveaway sign for me… A bit like when a cafe looks really swanky, but the tea is wishy washy.

The zip is a true marker of quality luggage, and the DELSEY zip is smooth, strong, easy to manoeuvre and fills me with confidence, that the suitcase falling apart on the conveyor belt at the start of a holiday, is most definitely not going to be mine… (Muah ha ha ha)



A very exciting feature of this suitcase for me, is that it’s trackable! Yep – DELSEY have attached a little gizmo within the case, which means that if your luggage decides to have a mini holiday in Marbella, when you in fact wanted to go to Cuba, you can locate it sunning itself on the beach and have it delivered back to you forthwith!




I love the lining…


And all the fittings are strong and secure…

Today in Paris, the DELSEY pop up store opened, and to find out even more about their 70th birthday celebrations you can head over to their special micro site here.

And if you’re felling lucky and would like to win this case, just head over to my Twitter account, where you’ll find the competition! Just RT my competition tweet and you’ll be in with a chance of winning this super snazzy, limited edition case!

Happy birthday, DELSEY! Here’s to 70 years more…

Competition ends 27th June 2016.


This post was shot on my LEICA D-LUX – dinky but dynamic ;)



//Written in collaboration with DELSEY

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2 thoughts on “Happy 70th, DELSEY!

  1. What a fabulous piece of luggage! I would be really tempted to get one of those as all the details look great: the lining is beautiful, the lock never gets lost and the trackable function is awesome but with such little space in our London flat, I will just have to dream about it…Julie xx


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