Tea, recipe browsing & The Archers

I may live in one of the most exciting cities in the world, but I am a simple girl at heart. There is nothing I like better than curling up on an afternoon, with a cup of tea, a pile of recipe books and listening to The Archers on the radio.

That was until Rob turned up – he makes me want to smash stuff up every time I hear his voice.

But if he doesn’t make an entrance, then I’m a happy munchkin, learning about herbal lays, wondering if Ruth will ever come home and wishing there were visual aids to Linda’s Christmas show rehearsals.

VQ Christie Radio

The radio is wrapped in leatherette… I love the mustard, but it also comes in a few other colours

VQ Christie Radio

My little ritual consists of the perfect cup of tea, in which I occasionally plop a lump of brown sugar. I do this mostly because my grandpa used to do this and the slow stirring of the spoon reminds me of him and his amazing ability to grow the sweetest tomatoes, whatever the weather…

VQ Christie Radio


VQ Christie Radio

VQ Christie Radio

VQ Christie Radio

A few titles from my ever-growing collection of recipe books

VQ Christie Radio

My radio is set to Radio 4 and as the dum de dum de dum de dum begins, I select a recipe book, plop myself into my chair and flick through the pages to find something delicious to attempt to make… while listening to Jill whip up Victoria Sponges with enviable ease. (How does she actually do this? They are baked in less than 12 minutes? I’ve timed it).

VQ Christie Radio

One of my favourite recipe books: a modern way to eat

VQ Christie Radio


VQ Christie Radio

View Quest Christie Radio – because the radio has wireless & bluetooth functions, I can listen to my podcasts of The Archers at anytime night or day from my phone…


VQ Christie Radio

Cushion: Oliver Bonas

These moments are my way of slowing down and taking time just for me. The Archers is a gentle and nostalgic world that has been loved by generations gone by and I feel part of something bigger, just by listening to it.

That may sound ridiculous to you, but when I hear the theme tune I can see in my mind’s eye my grandparents washing up, I think about my mum driving madly through an underpass so she wouldn’t miss the ending of the omnibus… and now I am finding myself in love with my radio for 12 minutes every day, dreaming of hearty home-grown meals and wishing I could gather up all my special people to have a drink at The Bull…

If only Rob would just get eaten by a cow.

Or something.

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2 thoughts on “Tea, recipe browsing & The Archers

  1. Totally agree re: Archers AND Rob! I keep yelling at Helen to tell him to get stuffed!

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