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– Knitting kits made simple –


I am not a knitter. I have never really knitted, apart from when I tried to make some kind of terrifyingly awful knitted Christmas decorations at primary school… which were really (really) bad.

I don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to persevering with new skills or techniques – whether it’s a new craft, language or sport – if I don’t get it straight away I tend to get bored and give up…. so these knitting kits by Stitch & Story are right up my alley and couldn’t be more perfect.

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

Co-founded by two friends, Jen & Jen, their mission is to make knitting simple. They’ve created knitting kits which include simple-to-follow patterns, super soft chunky yarn (100% merino) and they have online tutorials too, which I used when I couldn’t quite work out how to cast on…

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

My first stitch!

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

Think I may have made a mistake?!

They also hold monthly beginners’ knitting classes in central London, so you can meet and  get the help of some fellow knitting comrades too…

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

Look what I did!

Stitch and Story Knitting kits

I am loving knitting my scarf and especially how easy it is to do! The simple tutorials, instruction packs and diagrams have made the whole process easy peasy and I can’t wait to buy these knitting kits for friends and family this Christmas – another perfect gift FOUND!

I’ve also loved the slowness of it – the cosiness of settling into my favourite chair with my favourite slippers on, and creating something gorgeous, soft and comforting…

“For us, knitting is a way of embedding emotions and memories in our creations, slowing down in our constantly busy lifestyle, and appreciating the traditional values of a simple life.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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Ta da!

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5 thoughts on “Stitch & Story
– Knitting kits made simple –

  1. Hey Poppy, this look great, love e the colours. I’m not much of a knitter either more crochet, that said these kits are so damn cute! X

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