Secret recipes at Nordic Bakery
(and other Swedish stories…)

Cinnamon buns at Nordic Bakery

There are not many things I’d get up at the crack of dawn for, and make my way down in the pouring rain to… but the prospect of learning how to make cinnamon buns at Nordic Bakery was too tempting to miss.

And if you’ve ever had one, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. They’re the biggest secret to come out of Sweden since my friend Hilde did something that I can’t tell you about because it’s a secret.

Ingredients for cinnamon buns

Flour and rolling pin


I arrived at the Dorset Street branch – one of my favourite parts of town – looking much like a bedraggled crazy lady… I’d got properly caught in the downpour and was a bit soggy and chilly… but as soon as I stepped inside the cosy world that is Nordic Bakery, a perfect steaming latte was thrust into my left hand, some kind of chocolate cinnamony doughy delight into my right, and I was delirious. In that kind of Swedish everything-is-lovely way.

I was very excited because I, along with 5 others (can’t tell you who – it’s a SECRET) were about to be taught how to make their famous cinnamon buns, just in time for Cinnamon Bun Week (which is now) and Cinnamon Bun DAY – or Kanelbullens dag! (Bless you) this Sunday 4th October.

Making cinnamon buns


We were shown the ropes and then let loose in the kitchen to make our own… which was not as easy as you might think…

Cover the dough in butter, sugar and cinnamon. (Extremely healthy snack)

Cover the dough in butter, sugar and cinnamon. (Extremely healthy snack)

Uncooked cinnamon bun And to keep us in the Swedish mood, we were introduced to two other lovely brands from Sweden, so we could lust over their products while we scoffed cinnamon buns – Maria Nila (stunning haircare – all 100% vegan, sulphate and paraben free) and KikkiK – stationery so gorgeous it will make you weep. Both of whom have recently launched in the UK… more on bot of these Scandi beauties soon…


Picture by Carrie Brighton

Cinnamon buns at Nordic Bakery Cinnamon buns at Nordic Bakery

These delectable cinnamony doughy treats are to die for and I now know how to make them!

But I can’t tell you.


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