Detoxing at The Lifehouse Spa
(and win a two night Juice Cleanse for 2!)


I have such good intentions when it comes to eating well and treating my body kindly. I fully mean to not eat ice cream for breakfast and to go for lots of runs in the mornings… but it just doesn’t seem to pan out that way.

And it’s not that I can’t do it, or that I’m avoiding it – I just forget. I forget to exercise. I forget to eat healthily. And I forget to not eat ice cream for breakfast. So, when the Lifehouse Spa invited me to try out their detox wellness break, whereby I would have to stick to their schedule and menu… and not have the opportunity to eat ice cream for breakfast, I jumped at the chance.

Lighthouse Spa bedroom

My lovely big bed in my lovely big room

Steamline Luggage suitcase

My Steamline Luggage suitcase – enter POPPY10 at checkout for 10% off! Steamline Luggage

Lifehouse Spa

I had plenty of space to work at my desk over the three days…

The Lifehouse Spa is in the sweet little village of Thorpe-le-Soken – right next to Frinton-On-Sea and only 90 mins on the train from Liverpool Street; I felt myself relax as soon as I set foot on the train. Their staff picked me up at the other end (and will do the same for you if you ask them in advance) and 3 minutes later I was there, checking in and being shown to my bright, large room, overlooking their beautiful grounds – all 130 acres of it.

Thorpe Hall Gardens

Thorpe Hall Gardens – pic from garden

The Lifehouse Detox is one of their most popular health and wellness breaks. It promised a ‘3 night cleanse with a professionally structured regime of juices, superfood salads, ‘raw’ foods, broths and soups (wheat and dairy free) to improve digestive health and overall energy levels giving you a glowing complexion and better sleep patterns.’

I was excited. I had my itinerary and my first port of call was my consultation with Sue Davis, the Lifehouse Spa’s resident Naturopath and the font of ALL KNOWLEDGE. This would be my first of three meetings I’d have with Sue, who would track my progress, check in on me and how I was feeling, and generally be my point of contact throughout my 3 night stay…

She gave me my menu for the next three days, the fitness class timetable ( I was encouraged to take part in as many classes as I liked) and I then had a tour around the spa and its facilities… and I tried to remember where everything was! (If you know me, you’ll know this is no easy feat. I needed a map to find my way around high school. No joke.)

Lifehouse Spa

Lifehouse Spa

There are lovely design features all around the spa…

Lifehouse Spa

The gym at Lifehouse Spa

Sauna at Lifehouse Spa

The sunlit sauna…

The Relaxation Room at Lifehouse Spa

The Relaxation Room

Fresh juice

Freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juice.. one of many I consumed during my stay…

Detox pack

My detox pack from Sue! I body-brushed twice a day and drank clay. It’s true. I really did…

French Clay

French Clay

Pure Green Tea

Plenty of Green Tea and water in my room.. (no cake)

Paraben free toiletries

Paraben free toiletries in my room

Coconut milk hot chocolate

Nourishing night-cap of warmed coconut milk with 70% dark chocolate and cinnamon stick twizzle – delivered to my room every evening before bedtime

Lifehouse Spa

The gorgeous Hydrotherapy Pool – what a treat to bathe in such glorious sunlight! And at night, you can lie back and watch the moon and stars…

I woke up on the first morning, to water with fresh lemon waiting for me outside my room. I was to drink this upon getting up every morning, in order to set my body on the right track right at the beginning of the day.

Breakfast on my first day was a beetroot, celery, carrot and ginger juice and fresh fruit. I then headed straight to the spa and relaxed until lunch. Swimming, sauna, plunge pool, steam room, salt inhalation… you name it, I did it. Poppy Loves

Lifehouse Spa Pool

The pool…

Beetroot salad

Lunch was a juice, fresh soup and this salad of mixed leaves, beetroot, apple, homemade pesto, humous, garlic confit with onion and flaxseed crispbread

Lifehouse Spa

The dining area…

After lunch I had my first of three treatments – an Ishga 55 Minute Body Wrap – designed to eliminate toxins, reduce cellulite, boost energy and improve skin tone. It was just lovely… and I may have fallen asleep…

Green beans

Seasonal greens for supper

Dinner was a kale and broccoli juice and a plate of seasonal greens… and by 7pm,  I was ready for bed! By 8pm I was asleep (amazing!) and I was awake at 7am the next day, refreshed and ready for juice, body brushing and spa! On my second day, all three meals were just a fresh juice and a soup. I could have had two more juices or smoothies in between the three meals, but miraculously I didn’t feel like I needed to or wanted it. I was drinking enormous amounts of water and swimming my socks off…

Juice and soup

Day 2 breakfast: beetroot, celery, carrot and ginger juice with a fruit soup.

I was officially being powered by juice and the feeling was great. At 2:30pm I had an Ishga Body Massage and afterwards I conked out in the Relaxation Room… heavenly.

I had another lovely early night and was again up early for my water and lemon and breakfast… I’d graduated to Bircher Museli, (which was very exciting) and felt refreshed and glowing for my final treatment – reflexology.

Then it was back to the spa for my last opportunity to swim and sauna before lunch, my final consultation and home.

Fresh fish bouillabaisse

Fresh fish bouillabaisse for lunch on my last day

Avocado chocolate mousse

What a treat! Avocado dark chocolate mousse with osmotic raspberries

And chocolate mousse for dessert! I couldn’t believe it. I whooped for joy (silently) but interestingly, I couldn’t eat even half of it. It was delicious, but I could feel that my body just didn’t want it or need it… I was feeling clean inside. And I could see it in my eyes, my skin, and all over my newly brushed body.

After my final consultation with Sue, I was whisked to the station, jumped on the train and was home in a couple of hours, feeling refreshed, full of new knowledge about the workings of my body and the way it reacts to food, definitely a little lighter and with buckets of good intentions to not eat ice cream for breakfast ever again.

Thank you Lifehouse Spa – you’ve changed my eating habits forever.

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Lifehouse Spa & Hotel
Frinton Road, Thorpe-le-Soken,
Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO16 0JD



Juice Break

Perfect for cleansing, detoxing and kick-starting your weight loss plan this 2 night retreat is about keeping it simple – just delicious and nutritious freshly pressed  juices and time for you to completely relax.

How to Enter

1. (Compulsory) Leave me a comment below with your favourite spa treatment!

And for three additional entires:

2. Twitter: RT my tweet and follow me (@poppy_loves)

3. Head over to my Facebook Page and follow the instructions on my competition post

Terms & conditions

Prize winner must be aged 18 years or over.

Prize must be taken Sunday to Thursday only, subject to availability.

Prize is non transferrable and no cash alternative

Prize excludes any other spa treatments, food and beverage or incidentals not specified in the Prize.

Prize valid until 6 Months after winner is announced

Comp ends Sunday 10th May, midnight, UK time.

I will contact the winner on the 11th May – if I don’t hear back within 10 days I will select another winner, so please keep your eyes peeled on your junk email book as well!




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54 thoughts on “Detoxing at The Lifehouse Spa
(and win a two night Juice Cleanse for 2!)

  1. Sounds fab, would be a great time to give up electronics as well and completely relax and revive!

  2. I Love a Diamond Peel, not as painful as it sounds, I can actually feel my skin breathing for days after.

  3. Favourite must be a massage to make me float away, fully relax and forget my troubles after a stressful year

  4. I don’t think you can beat a massage you can really get out the aches, pains and stresses of the day during one.

  5. The lifehouse spa looks amazing. I’d love to go.
    I do love a good facial, but, a full on body massage with an exfoliation and body mask is brilliant.


  6. My favourite is a facial its a rare event for me so I do enjoy it and my skin always feels fabulous following it

  7. My favourite treatment is a head message, it makes me relax and it feels so good. Thank you for this fab opportunity, myself and my husband could do with a juice cleanse.

  8. Aww, I’d be happy with any treatment as I’ve never visited a spa before. Lifestyle Spa looks fantastic; you’ve really captured its tranquility and luxury feel. I can’t say I’m not drawn to the idea of that super detox food as much as I am to the beauty treatments; the food you’ve described is just mouth watering! As always, a super, high quality review with photography to match. Well done you :-)

  9. my Favourite Spa treatment is – to have a Sauna, and then a full body Massage- – Yummm! :) p.s. Ta Poppy! xo

  10. Gosh looks amazing!! Literally my dream short break. My favourite spa treatment is a good long massage….after lots of lounging in pools, saunas, hammams…..mmm lovely!

  11. My favourite spa treatment is a facial as my skin gets clogged up so easily and I feel so relaxed and my skin feels amazing after I’ve had one :)

  12. oh man- this makes me CRAVE canyon ranch in the US. it is a gorgeous spa/resort all about getting healthy. i spent my spring break there my senior year of college getting pampered with thai massages, amazing classes and delicious healthy food. definitely love a good, strong massage… but a clarifying facial is hard to beat.

    really hope i can win to shed the post-baby weight that will be hanging around me come 4 weeks from now! xo

  13. Hi Poppy! My favourite spa treatment would have to be a full body scrub, perfect for getting your skin summer ready! It gives you the most luminous glow and feels really great too. Love your blog, especially the foody posts xx

  14. My favourite treatment is a body wrap that includes a foot and head massage. Absolute bliss!

  15. I have only been lucky enough to have had the lighthouse experience once but it was amazing I loved the massage treatment

  16. Back & neck massage to un do all the knots of everyday living leaving me ready to tackle it again

  17. Love this article been thinking about going to lighthouse for a while and this has swung it I think. My fave spa treatment has to be a full body massage I think as always feels super indulgent. Zx

  18. Favourite treatment is definitely a hot stone massage, think I’m in need of one! The menu looks fab!

  19. Loving the review, the pics look fab- especially the food! My favourite treatment has to be a neck and shoulder massage. So relaxing!

  20. My favourite treat is a back massage, works wonders on all of my knots and sends me off into a relaxing dream. :-)

  21. Hi Poppy, Great review and what a lovely suitcase! ;)
    Glad you posted this because another new mum and I are looking for a getaway like this. Nothing beats a great, deep tissue massage, a soak in a hydrotherapy pool and healthy eating (that we don’t have to cool!) to revive a sleep deprived body and mind. :) Brilliant review. x

  22. Hi Poppy. Great post! I’ve been looking into this retreat for a while so it was great to read your experience. Sounds like it would be worth spending out on this. As for a treatment i do love a full body massage. Thanks. H

  23. I go to a spa every year as a treat to myself. This looks amazing!
    I also did a juice cleanse myself earlier this year and felt amazing!

    My favourite treatment is the indian head massage!

  24. My favourite treatment is The Rose Massage at the Travaasa in Austin – inspired by Janis Joplin – best spa experience I have had!

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