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The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton - Poppy Loves Book Club

NEXT DATE: Wednesday 25th February 2015, 7:30pm
OUR NEXT BOOK: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, published by Picador, 1st Jan 2015 (Paperback)

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1. Sign up to receive the POPPY LOVES BOOK CLUB PING! Each month I’ll let you know which book we’re reading, tell you all the new competitions and exciting news from book club, our authors and our publishers..and our readers from all over the world! (That’s you!)



The Miniaturist, by Jessie Burton:

On an autumn day in 1686, eighteen-year-old Nella Oortman knocks at the door of a grand house in the wealthiest quarter of Amsterdam. She has come from the country to begin a new life as the wife of illustrious merchant trader Johannes Brandt, but instead she is met by his sharp-tongued sister, Marin. Only later does Johannes appear and present her with an extraordinary wedding gift: a cabinet-sized replica of their home. It is to be furnished by an elusive miniaturist, whose tiny creations mirror their real-life counterparts in unexpected ways . . .

The Miniaturist was the winner of the National Book Awards in December last year!


I have 10 copies of this title to give away! Just pop over to my Facebook page to enter.

Poppy Loves Book Club in Notting Hill

Poppy Loves Book Club in Notting Hill

For those of you that are new to Poppy Loves Book Club, we are a diverse group of women, from all around the world, all reading the same book at the same time.. and then we all come together in local groups or as individuals online to discuss it, no matter where we are.

“The idea you have created: women all around the world reading the same book at the same time is wonderful and empowering…” -Lee Rourke, author of Vulgar Things.

“Poppy’s Book Club is a delight. A group of passionate and avid readers who love to talk about books. I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening.” -Elizabeth Fremantle, author of Queen’s Gambit.

So no matter how old you are, where you live, or what your family, friends or financial situation is, there is a group of women waiting to meet you, who will welcome you and your thoughts on books, life and anything else that pops up… (You’d be surprised…)

Look forward to seeing you there and thank you for signing up – it’s great to have you on board!



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The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

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