– Seven of The Best –
Scented Candles for Christmas

Jo Malone Candle - Blackberry Bay

A big thank you to Lydia for this picture!

I completely love how a scented candle can change the way I feel. It’s the ultimate finishing touch for a room… and such a wonderful gift. There are so many different brands and such a wide variety of scents (and prices!) that it has felt a bit overwhelming in the past, when I’ve tried to buy one.

Also, by the time I’ve sniffed a few hundred candles, I can’t tell what’s what anymore… and so I have, on a few occasions,  found myself leaving the candle emporium at Selfridges empty handed, purely through being defeated by the amount of choice.

I have trawled the shops and sniffed many (many) candles.. and these seven, which I’ve chosen, are ones that I would be over the moon to receive as a gift… and definitely would be candles I’d buy for myself, to pop on the coffee table and add a whole new delicious dimension to the Winter and Christmassy atmosphere in my home…


Jo Malone – Blackerry and Bay – £40
Molton Brown – Myrrh Musk and Cyprus – £36
Diptyque – Oranger – £40
Cowshed – Knackered Cow – £30
Ecoya – French Pear Madison – £39
Cochine – White Jasmine and Gardenia – £45
Miller Harris – Citron Citron – £40

Each of these candles have beautiful scents which I feel fits with the cosy Christmas mood perfectly….zesty, spicy, fruity or zesty.. they all are of excellent quality, have hours and hours of burning time and look beautiful as well.

I do hope this has been helpful – do you have a favourite candle? Please share! I love a new discovery…

All this Christmas research is making me feel very cosy.. I’m off to find my biggest socks and make a large cup of tea… you?

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9 thoughts on “– Seven of The Best –
Scented Candles for Christmas

  1. Oh well, the candles you chose are really very *chic*, and I agree they are all lovely <3
    In my home in these days there is "Christmas Wreath" by Yankee Candles burning: I do love the scent of resin/pine needles/conifers, you know what I mean. This kind of scent make me think about silence, Nature, calm…and it does calm myself indeed! :-)

  2. Hello!

    This post is simply wonderful – I know exactly what you mean, a scented candle can completely alter your mood for the better if it’s a good’un!

    I’ve just started a lifestyle-esque blog myself today, and Google brought me to you! I really love what you do, very inspiring.

    I’d love it if you’ve got any extra blogging tips, or if you could follow me back? It would mean the world :)

    So happy to be joining this thriving community!

    Ditsy Diva xx

  3. Uh, candles! Definitely a huge must have for me. I love them! Decorative and as you said they can change completely the atmosphere.
    The scents are too many for me to pick one as favourite, I always get lost when sniffing a few of them in the stores, it’s incredibly difficult for me to chose.

    I love them!

    Hugs! *

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