Aromatherapy Massage & Total Relaxation
at Amida Spa, Chelsea

Amid Spa Chelsea

I am fast becoming addicted to spas. Havens of peace, calm and tranquility, where you can press pause on the world, switch off every beeping, buzzing thing and relax every bit of you… from your head to your toes… and of course, your brain. Which, if you’re anything like me, often gets forgotten when it comes to taking care of ourselves…

My brain needed a break recently, so when I was offered the chance to experience the wonders of the Amida Spa, I leapt at it. “YES!” I yelled on email. “YES YES YES!”

The Amida Spa in Chelsea is located in the Harbour Club. I made my way there on a particularly cold and drizzly morning and stumbled in, looking somewhat like a bedraggled bird. Without the beak. Or the feathers.

I was booked in for a full body massage, so wandered through the stylish club down to Amida Spa, where the massage fairies were waiting for me…

Amida Spa

Amida Spa

Massage chairs, for those who may have just 10 minutes to spare…

I was handed fresh fluffy towels, a cosy white robe and changed out of my bedraggled Poppy clothes.. and was immediately transformed into SPA POPPY. A MUCH better version of myself…

I was taken into a room, I lay down on the bed and was practically asleep before the massage had even begun. Sometimes I really have no idea about how tired or stressed I am, until there’s an instruction to stop. All I had to do was lie down, not speak, not think and be massaged from top to bottom by one of their amazing practitioners. All I had to do was select my aromatherapy oils… and I opted for a relaxing with a lavender base…

Amid Spa Chelsea

My cosy room and bed…

It was wonderful… and I am fairly certain I did nod off once or twice… it was impossible not to…

Amida Spa

Me post-massage – a little hazy, hair a little messy, but very VERY relaxed… by the way, I have no idea why I did that with my toes. Who does that?

I then wondered through into the wet spa, which consists of three pools – a midnight blue 25m lane pool, (pictured at the top of this post) an adult-only spa pool and a 14m hydrotherapy pool…

Amida Spa

Amida Spa

They have a sauna, which smelt deliciously woody and fragrant, an ice chute, a steam room, a relaxing aromatherapy room and heated relaxation beds.. yep. HEATED relaxation beds – they were amazing.

Amid Spa Chelsea

Heated relaxation beds

The Amida Spa is designed beautifully, and with total relaxation in mind. You cannot help but slow down, breathe deeper and allow yourself to rejuvinate.

I certainly did, and by the time I left I was ready to face the bustle of the city and hit the ground running once more.

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Amida Spa
Harbour Club
Watermeadow Lane


I was invited to experience the spa, however if I hadn’t loved it, I wouldn’t have written about it.

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