A Pimlico Roast, a Happy Jumper
and Christmas Cookies for Breakfast…
My Week in Pictures

Saturday morning run in Hyde Park

Saturday morning run in Hyde Park

Good morning you lovely lot. It’s Monday, the sun is pouring in through LM’s kitchen window (where I am sat) and I am on my second mug of tea. They’re big mugs too – but I know what I’m doing. Me and tea go way back…

Even though Winter is truly on its way, with the rain and wind making itself known a little more here in London, we still managed to get away with a pretty lovely week last week, with golden sunny mornings, crunchy bronzed leaves and finally, a real excuse to wrap up in my favourite cosy threads.

On Saturday morning I went for my run (I’m on level 2 now – fewer intervals, but slightly longer running sessions) in Hyde Park and the above picture was the scene that morning – completely gorgeous. And below – I ran around the lake and the sun bounced off the water into my eyes – so much so that I nearly ran into the lake as I couldn’t see properly. I really need to get some sunnies for running in – any tips?

Running around the lake in Hyde Park

Running around the lake in Hyde Park

On Sunday, the Boshlies and I went for a roast at No 11. Pimlico Road. It was so good to see them and have a proper catch up.. and the roast was divine. I’ll be writing more about this later this week…

Sunday Roast at No. 11 Pimlico Road

Sunday Roast at No. 11 Pimlico Road

On Tuesday I went for another run (don’t worry – I’m not turning into a fitness freak – Im aiming for twice a week… ) and I RAN TO KENSINGTON. I actually ran to a PLACE. Not just round and round in circles… it was an amazing feeling to have my legs carry me (at a pace) to somewhere I actually needed to be. I ran all the way to Muji to buy a calendar… but annoyingly they were still not in stock. So, to cheer myself up I went into Oliver Bonas and bought this jumper to make me HAPPY again. It totally worked. And it seems to have the same affect on anyone else that sees it too…


Happy Jumper from Oliver Bonas

I took the bus back home and then this happened…

Marmite on toast

Marmite on toast. Endless. Many slices were consumed.

On Wednesday evening I met Red for dinner… and en route, I spotted these on the tube…

Spotted on the tube

Was this you? The shoes/boots/tights combo was inspired. I met Red outside TopShop and we mooched about. I bought a bright red wooly hat, which she thought I looked a bit of a plonker in. I am inclined to agree with her, but it didn’t stop me. We strolled through Soho briefly, wondering where we should go to eat. And suddenly, it came to me in a moment of clarity.  We were a stone’s throw away from Patty & Bun and once the seed was planted, there was just no shifting it. Patty & Bun it was. Burgerama.

St Christopher's Place

St Christopher’s Place

We got there and the queue was enormous, so we ordered a take-away and sat in St Christopher’s Place to devour our burgers. I still stand by the ‘best burger of my life’ statement in this post. I have not yet found another to rival it. Red was pretty impressed too.. and she knows her burgers. Patty & Bun is GOOD.

A very unexpected delivery...

A very unexpected delivery

On Thursday I had a very unexpected delivery… Monty The Penguin was doing the rounds and John Lewis had sent me a mini Monty, so we could become acquainted…we had a wonderful time – you can read about it here…

I spent the rest of the day working in my kitchen...

I spent the rest of the day working in my kitchen…

On Friday, I woke up EARLY as I needed to be at Selfridges for brekky. I, along with a few other bloggers, were off to experience Selfridges’ new Christmas hampers for ourselves, with a delicious Christmassy breakfast in Le Chalet – the new pop up on Selfridges’ roof…


Breakfast at Le Chalet on the roof at Selfridges

I won’t spoil it now by telling you what we had, but I’ll be sure to give you the full low down later this week… After breakfast we strolled around Selfridges and I could not have felt more Chrimbotastic if I’d tried.

Christmas Crackers at Selfridges

Christmas Crackers at Selfridges

I raced through some (BORING) work when I got home, packed my suitcase and headed off to The Grosvenor Square Hotel in Mayfair, where LM and I stayed on Friday night… a more perfect staycation for a Christmas Shopping weekend, you could not find. And I will be writing more about this very soon indeed…


My EXTREMELY comfy Kingsize bed at The Grosvenor Square Hotel

I hope you enjoyed the stroll through my week – what was your highlight last week? I want to know! Tell me, tell me!

Love, as always,

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14 thoughts on “A Pimlico Roast, a Happy Jumper
and Christmas Cookies for Breakfast…
My Week in Pictures

  1. The highlight of my week is always when I meet new people who do interesting things. Last week I saw two beautiful ladies who decorate cakes at home, and use a humble Facebook page to take orders! Loved how they believe in what they do so much and they enjoy it, above all, they were both sisters. How amazing, doing something you love with your sister. They were also engineers. Forget engineering career and come decorate cakes!

  2. Jealous – your week sounds pretty amazing. Love the ‘happy’ purchase, and well, you can’t go past a mug of piping hot tea and toast with marmite :) My weekend highlight was most definitely visiting my local pub and indulging in the hot cider just out for winter. Yum!
    Claire xx

  3. Beautiful photos as always!
    I suggest getting some polarised glasses to stop the horizontal UV light, normal sunnies only block one way… I only know this because of skiing. Glad your running is going well :)
    Very jealous of your Monty
    Have a fabe week x

  4. Lovely photos as always <3
    I'd really take tons of pics strolling along London's wonderful parks!
    My highlight this week has been only on Sunday, when I visited the first Christmas Village of the season (the only thing that could throw me out of my bed… zzzz … ahem..)

      1. It is a commercial Village, where they sell Xmas decorations from all over Europe. It’s near the town of Verona (you know, Romeo & Juliet’s town :-) and it’s the biggest of Italy. It’s inside a plant nursery and here there is their Internet site (I am sorry it is only in Italian! But it’s nice..)

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