Tea at The Ritz, lunch in Palma and pumpkins on Portobello…
– My Week in Pictures –

Portobello Road Sunset

Sunset over Portobello Road on Tuesday evening…

Last week was the week I went to Palma for lunch. Yes. Palma, Majorca. Lunch. I will be writing more about this later this week, but for now I will say that there’s something about zipping off to Spain for the day that somewhat destroys your ability to stay awake for the following days directly afterwards…

But let me start at the beginning…

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed… from Breakfast in Bed

On Saturday morning the doorbell went and I padded downstairs to collect our breakfast. Yep – Breakfast in Bed is a company delivering freshly baked, mixed, juiced and cooked breakfasts to the hungry and sleepy souls of W10 and W11. We ate pancakes, fruit, granola and more…. and with the fresh coffees as well, it’s going to be hard to not order from this little gem every week!

Tea at The Ritz

Tea at The Ritz

On Sunday afternoon, I popped on a swooshy dress and some Summery wedges (it was hot!) and met Gem at The Ritz, for an extremely magical afternoon tea experience. I will be writing about this later this week, and showing you all of my pics, but for now let me just say that it was utterly heavenly. The Ritz is something else. It’s not like any other hotel and their afternoon tea is unlike any other you will ever have… more coming soon…

Burgers with Nat at Honest Burgers on Portobello Road

Burgers with Nat at Honest Burgers on Portobello Road

On Monday morning I didn’t feel very good – I hadn’t slept well the night before and my throat was very sore… this week was not a week during which I could be ill, so I walked down to the pharmacy and picked up some First Defence. First time I’ve ever used it – I spritzed it up my nose and all I can tell you is that the next day I felt completely fine. BOOM.

Monday evening was BURGER NIGHT. Nat and I strolled down to Honest Burgers on Portobello Road for a natter and a catch up.. I’d had one of those ridiculous days where I spent ages in various meetings and queues (bank, post office) that by the end of the day I felt I had achieved absolutely nothing… yet was completely exhausted.  This delicious burger with its accompanying rosemary chips was exactly what I needed. I’d never been to Honest Burgers before, but I knew it was very high up on LM’s list of burger chains (possibly top spot) and Nat whooped with joy when I suggested it… so it was a no brainer. And I will be back.

Man at The Helm, by Nina Stibbe at The Electric

Man at The Helm, by Nina Stibbe at The Electric

I met my cousin Susannah for a hot chocolate at The Electric on Tuesday night…and I am yet to find somewhere that does hot chocolate better. It’s REALLY good.

Before she got there, I caught up on my Poppy Loves Book Club book, which is Man at The Helm by Nina Stibbe. I now have over 500 members in my international book club and our next discussion is happening online on the 29th October. Please do join in if you fancy it! Everyone is welcome…

Anyway, it wasn’t a late night, as I had to be up EARLY the next day because I was going TO PALMA FOR LUNCH.

3:45am my alarm went off and before I could even think about how early it actually was, I’d boarded the Thomson Airways Dreamliner 787 and was toasting our take-off, along with  a few other bloggers and members of the press…

Thomson Airways Dreamliner 787

Toasting our imminent departure…

We were all there to learn about Thomson Airways’ new plans regarding how they are going to change the face of holiday air-travel… and they really were exciting! I can’t tell you more here, as I have a post lined up for later in the week, where I promise to give you the low down and show you some more pictures of our trip to Palma… but for now, let me just say that it was 26 degrees, I had enormous fun and LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL HARBOUR…

The harbour in Palma, Majorca

The harbour in Palma, Majorca

We also had a little bit of time to run around Palma during which I took this snap of photographer and blogger Xanthe Berkeley outside a terribly beautiful and very, very old church… it certainly had some stories to tell…

Church in Palma

Xanthe Berkeley in Palma

Oh, and I also saw this guy skiing. (Normal.)

Skiing in Palma

Skiing in Palma

I had the most wonderful day and made some new firm friends too.. which is always a lovely thing. I was utterly shattered by the time I got home, (around 9:15pm) and so obviously decided it would be a good time to reorganise my bedroom. (Hashtag idiot.) And then, I couldn’t get to sleep for ages….

So… when I woke up on Thursday, a little part of me wanted to cry. Luckily, I didn’t have to do anything other than sit at my laptop all day, say hello to the postman and eat porridge.

That evening, however, I was seeing Matthew Bourne’s amazing new ballet, Lord of The Flies at Sadler’s Wells and I wanted to be awake! So, I worked hard, but I worked in my cosy socks… and THAT made all the difference. I was so excited to see this ballet and it didn’t disappoint. So much about it was incredibly clever and sensitively done – I loved it. And I wasn’t the only one…

I had meant to write ‘standing ovation’.. but there you go. Writing in the dark combined with no sleep = gibberish.

I slept very well that night, (I think my body had given up trying to be awake) and so by the time Friday came around, I was feeling a little more bright eyed and bushy tailed. (I’d LOVE to have a tail.)

I met my pals Lou and Ami for breakfast as they are over here from Australia, and we strolled around Golborne Road… Autumn was most definitely in the air and made even more clear by these pumpkin goddesses grinning at me in the market – look how glorious they are! And the colour! They’re such magical things, pumpkins. They make me think of glass slippers….

Pumpkins on Portobello Road

Pumpkins on Portobello Road

And finally, here is a picture of Lou, of the blog Tranquil Skies, who is the newest Poppy Loves Book Club Captain Book, over in Brisbane, Australia! Hurrah!

Poppy Loves Book Club - Brisbane Australia

Lou will be Captain Book in Brisbane, Australia – Poppy Loves Book Club

Poppy Loves Book Club is growing fast and furious and it’s huge amounts of fun… can’t wait to reveal next month’s book… it’s a goodie!

I was so ready for this weekend and was in desperate need of relaxation… and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen what I’ve been up to ;)

I hope you all had wonderful weeks and weekends and look forward to hearing all your stories!

With love,

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– My Week in Pictures –

  1. Was utterly lovely spending the day with you in Palma. Definitely need to meet up for coffee. (or hot chocolate!) x

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