A Holborn breakfast, Peroni for lunch
and chocolate for dinner…
– My week in pictures –


My Steamline Luggage suitcase en route home from The Runnymede Hotel…(just enter POPPY10 at checkout to receive 10% discount – www.steamlineluggage.com)

How is it Monday already? Are you sure it’s Monday? Maybe it’s Saturday in disguise.

As always, here is my round up of last week, with all pictures taken on my clever wee iPhone and popped up on Instagram for all to see.

My weekend began with a trip to The Runnymede-on-Thames Hotel and Spa, which was heavenly, incredibly relaxing and very much needed. I fear I would have collapsed in a Poppy pile on the floor, had it not been for the full body massage and fluffy robes at The Runnymede…

The Runnymede-on-Thames Spa

I lazed by the pool and read my book for Poppy Loves Book Club – nearly finished!

I woke up on Monday morning refreshed and ready for the week! I walked through Notting Hill on my way to the station and passed this dolly of a car. I do love old cars – there’s something very nostalgic and friendly about them.. I said ‘good morning’ and then went on my merry way…

Red car in Notting Hill

The following day I had a meeting at Gail’s Bakery on Portobello Road first thing in the morning. I love their coffee and indulged in an enormous one.. and just as I was leaving I spied this massive pumpkin in the window. I feel as though I am seeing more pumpkins than usual this year – does anyone else agree?!

The hugest pumpkin ever in the window at Gail's on Portobello Road

The hugest pumpkin ever in the window at Gail’s on Portobello Road

Wednesday took me to Sloane Square, where I was meeting the brother of Sazan, who is Captain Book of Poppy Loves Book Club in Kurdistan, Iraq! Books take over 4 weeks to get there by post, so we’d arranged to do a book handover with her brother, who was flying back to Iraq later that week. It was very exciting to meet him and his fiancée and can’t wait to hear how all the women get on with the books over there…

The fountain in Sloane Square

The fountain in Sloane Square

Boris Bikes outside Cadogen Hall

Boris Bikes outside Cadogen Hall, Sloane Square

Thursday was a busy, busy day. It began with breakfast with Lou at the Holborn Dining Room, which is one of my newest favourite haunts. Lou is Captain Book of Poppy Loves Book Club in Brisbane, so we were able to go over the final details of this before she flew home to Australia.

Granola, yoghurt and Earl Grey prunes, with berries at Holborn Dining Room

Granola, yoghurt and Earl Grey prunes, with berries at Holborn Dining Room

Then I was on my way to The House of Peroni.

An old townhouse in Holborn has been transformed, by a new generation of Italian creative talent from the worlds of food, drink, design and film, into a celebration of modern Rome.

I explored the four floors of the amazing building, which showcased amazing artworks, spaces and concepts… one of which was a bar, offering up the most exquisite cocktails.. including the ‘Antiqued Fashioned’ below – “Fig-infused bourbon combines with a candied chestnut syrup and a splash of bitters distilled from Peroni Nastro Azzuro Hops. This drink combines rich and complex flavours inspired by the streets and squares of Rome.”


I’m drinking Antique Fashions at The House of Peroni… it’s 12.40pm and I think that is perfectly acceptable. #lunch #TheHouseOfPeroni

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