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As you know, a couple of weekends ago I was revelling at the Wilderness Festival and having a whale of a time.

I can assure you that my time there would have been much less fun had I been in a rubbish leaky tent, with wobbly pegs and one made of cheapy chops material…

Luckily for me, I slept like a babe, for I was nestled within my gorgeous Wild-Life Field Candy Tent, which not only looked the bees knees, but also was 100% waterproof (which made me very happy, seeing as we were constantly on tenterhooks waiting for a hurricane to arrive…)

I shall begin by saying that erecting the tent was a total doddle. Here’s me putting it up ALL BY MYSELF when I first arrived…

You can see that it also comes in an easy-peasy-to-carry bag, and even the box it arrived in (pictured above) made me smile… this wasn’t going to be any old camping. No siree.

Field Candy - Wild Life

Wild-Life Field Candy Tent by Tord Boontje

The Wild-Life tent design is a limited edition design and part of the Original Explorer range of tents, which are bigger than most other standard two person tents. Each tent is made to the high quality of an expedition tent built to withstand EXTREME conditions. So I figured I’d be alright in the rough terrain of Oxfordshire.

The tent is designed by Dutchman Tord Boontje, whom you might already know for his Garland Light for Habitat, or ‘Blossom Chandelier’ for Swarovski.

Tord has worked with Yamaha, HP, Alexander McQueen, exhibited in the V&A Museum and Tate Modern in London and in 2009 became Professor and Head of Design Products at the Royal College of Art, London… so it appears that he knows his stuff.

‘This tent is a celebration of wildlife for a wild life. Party with the animals!’
– Tord Boontje

Field Candy - Poppy Loves Field Candy - Poppy Loves Field Candy - Poppy Loves Field Candy - Poppy Loves

I know there is no way I can wow you with camping jargon, so here are some top level highlights which should leave you in no doubt that this tent is the cat’s pyjamas…

1. Super easy to put up, (again – see video. I did that. Me.)

2. 100% waterproof and fire retardant to EU & US standards.

3. Pegging points – so you know where to put the pegs. This may sound obvious but you have NO idea how helpful this was. It was like a lovely jigsaw puzzle – it just all slotted together in all the right places and the pegs points all matched up. Bingo.

4. Extra strong pegs

5. Sexy design with awesome carry bag. It is also very easy to spot in a field full of tents, as the chances of someone else having the same limited edition tent are far smaller than usual…

6. Easy set-up poles. Easy easy easy.

7. Breathable inner tent – when you breath you create moisture (science bit) and most modern day tents are made from plastic so there is nowhere for that moisture to go – resulting in a wet tent and an unhappy camper. I was NOT unhappy. I was elated. And dry.

8. Lockable storage pockets – loved this. Super handy and at the rear of the tent, so in the cleverest location too.

This tent was a dream come true and with my inflatable mattress and Niche Living blanket, I could not have been more warm and cosy.

Quite frankly it’s a wonder I ever came home.


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Wild-Life Original Explorer Limited Edition Two Person Tent – £495

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