Easton Regal Hairdressing

Easton Regal

Wow. Easton Regal is COOL. Like REALLY COOL. I was my most COOL self at Easton Regal and if only I had the body of Olivia Newton John, I’d don me some leather trousers, wiggle my bum and hang out there all day long, living on their sweets and brownies. (And the occasional amazing salad from The Modern Pantry next door.)


Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal
Easton Regal was founded in 2010 by two scissor-happy geniuses; Londoners Bryn Wilkins and James Kinnear, who have worked side by side for most of their hairdressing careers, which included working for more than 10 years as senior educators for Trevor Sorbie, so yeah. They know their stuff. (I can say yeah, coz I AM NOW COOL.)

The urban luxe salon they have created is filled with homely touches and luxury Japanese and Italian professional furniture (one of the most comfortable hair washing experiences of my life)… yet with all the quirky corners and bits and pieces, Easton Regal maintains a sense of space. Big space. It is expansive and full of natural light… it makes you want to SING LAAAAAAA.

I’d gone in to be blow-dried into something fabulous. And that’s what they did. You can see the final result here on my Instagram.

They really have thought of everything. And if you’re super busy, they’ll also organise you lunch. Yes. Lunch. So you can sit back, be snipped into the best version of you and guzzle something delicious while you’re at it.

Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal Easton Regal

They also do a mean cup of tea.

Easton Regal

And, erm, they have BROWNIES.

Seriously. Why would you ever go anywhere else?





Easton Regal
84 Clerkenwell Road
London, EC1M 5RF



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