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Cosy: Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation – so says the Oxford Dictionary.. and I am inclined to agree with it. Although, it goes a little deeper for me. Cosy is my way of life.. a mantra.. and should really be my middle name.

The English word ‘cosy’ doesn’t actually cut it, however. The Danes have a beautiful word – ‘hygge’ – which we somewhat inadequately translate into ‘cosiness.’ Our word ‘cosy’ is used to describe something physical, like a soft blanket, some snuggly loungewear, (I love my hoody pictured above – it feels like being wrapped in cotton wool) a giant, soft cushion or a roaring fire in a corner of a country pub…while the word ‘hygge’ more describes people’s behaviour towards one another.

It is a sense of contentment, friendship, warmth and peace with your immediate surroundings; a deep sense of place & well-being. It’s the way we talk to each other, look after each other and feel within ourselves.

I love it. I feel it in the tips of my toes and I am grateful for it.

Have a hygge day.




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6 thoughts on “Hygge Love

  1. I discovered the word hygge last year, isn’t it just perfect?! I heard it described as the feeling you have when you’re warm indoors by the fire, snuggled under a soft blanket, drinking hot chocolate with friends. I’ve now adopted the word hygge, I think we all need more hygge in our lives!

  2. I love the word hygge too :) such a nice little word.
    We actually have a similar word for it in dutch: ‘gezelligheid’. You should look it up :)

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