Hair & Graces: John Macpherson

John Macpherson

Who knew. Who knew that hiding under the Westway in a light-drenched studio, with a beautiful chocolate brown doey eyed dog, is the genius that is John Macpherson. Not me. I had no idea.

John Macpherson John Macpherson John Macpherson John Macpherson

John told me he was from South Africa. “But you have a Scottish accent,” said I. (Poppy.) “Yes,” said John. “I was born in Scotland and then we moved to South Africa. But I kept the accent.” And he really has – I’d never have guessed he’d started his career in Johannesburg and stayed there for so long.

He worked his bottom off and managed to fly up through the ranks of the hairdressing world and worked in some of South Africa’s most exciting and prestigious salons.

John Macpherson John Macpherson John Macpherson

He moved to London in 1998 where he quickly built up a private clientele, preening, primping, colouring and styling some of the most fashionable and famous heads in town; Kings of Leon, Courtney Love, Harvey Weinstein, David Bailey, Poppy Loves… let me just pick those names off the floor…

He then decided to go freelance, which was when he met Tamara Mellon, fashion entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Jimmy Choo. She quickly snapped up John as her personal hair stylist and he was soon jetting around the world with her. Tamara, who John credits with having a massive influence on him, introduced him to a number of her chums and it wasn’t long before word started to spread about his super sonic hair dressing skills.

I learnt all of this while he blow-dried my hair into some kind of magic I’d never seen before. So swooshy. So swishy. Glamour Poppy – that’s me.

John Macpherson

Primped Poppy

John Macpherson

John used some Redken and Pureology magic on my locks…

John now hones his snazzy creative skills doing session work for music companies (ooooooh) fashion labels (ahhhhh) and high-end fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair. Marie Claire etc..  Thinking about it now, he must be exhausted.

John Macpherson John Macpherson John Macpherson


He zooms all over the world with his amazing celebrity clients and amidst all of this, still manages to run his private warehouse studio in the heart of Notting Hill, off Portobello. Which, incidentally is a 5 minute walk from me. *High fives herself*

And. On top of all of this. He is a Really. Really. Lovely. Man.

Hair and Grace – it’s John all over.



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