Massages, tea and ahhhhhhh…

Jivita Ayurveda

Jivita Ayurveda

I had no idea that such a haven of calm and loveliness existed just up the road from me, on Chamberlayne Road. But it does it does it does.

And it comes in the form of Jivita Ayurveda – an organic (tea, cereal, herbs, you name it) wellbeing centre in the heart of Kensal Rise. Which, incidentally used to be somewhere a bit, erm , meh. And NOW it’s all oooooh and aaaaaah and la la la I want to live HERE.

Anu, the genius behind the gem, runs the show and offers everything from health consultation, body and beauty treatments, yummy eatables for the ayurvedic (what? More on that in a bit) and organic kitchen and lovely gifts for folk who like a bit of sustainable living.

Jivita Ayurveda originates from ancient Sanskrit (I just had a flash of Indiana Jones) and means knowledge and vitality for life. Which is exactly what I needed when I crashed through the doors, out of the pouring rain (I’m sorry – I’m still thinking about Harrison Ford..) a couple of weeks ago. I was completely shattered as had been up the night before with a sore eye (I actually had a sore eye. That’s all I know. It’s not sore any more – it just twitched a bit the following day) and had been ridiculously busy with life stuff. Life gets busy! My life gets busy. I thought it was Monday today. It’s not. It’s Wednesday. That’s how busy.

Anyway, it says on the tin that ‘a visit to Jivita Ayurveda will restore vitality and inner calm and empower you to lead a healthier and balanced life.’ 

You didn’t have to tell me twice.

In I crashed, out of the rain (done that bit) and was welcomed immediately by a very lovely lady (she was so CALM) who handed me a delicious and steaming cup of honey and ginger tea. (I suspect I looked a bit maniacal, what with the twitchy eye and wet, Worzel Gummidge hair.) I sat on a comfy chair and calmed the crackers down. 

Anu came and got me and I followed her into a room of loveliness. Candles, music, smelly things. Lovely lovely lovely. I would have started crying at the joy of finding (immediately, apparently) my new found inner peace, but thought that might make her feel a bit uncomfortable and maybe she wouldn’t want to give me a lovely massage.

This is not me, but this is where I was and this is how I felt...

This is not me, but this is where I was and this is how I felt…

Then it was naked Poppy (pants on) under warm fluffy towels and all I had to do was relax. I had a full body massage, which meant I got to lie down and be massaged from head to foot. It was amazing and is called, most aptly, ‘instant stress relief.’ (Keep reading for your chance to win a foot massage! Heaven…)

Ayurveda is an ancient science in healing, originating in India and the team at Jivita Ayurveda has been carefully handpicked based on their product knowledge, treatments and experience. They really know what they’re doing over there and they offer everything from massages to facials, holistic and lifestyle advice to personalised detox programs.

I floated out onto Chamberlayne Road on a cloud of calm and hopped on the 28 bus. 

I was so zen, I managed to miss my stop.

But being so zen and all, I didn’t care one jot.

89 Chamberlayne Road
Kensal Rise
NW10 3ND


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  1. Massage is the perfect way to relax and maintain your body healthy. The best part of massage is that it is used to get rid of stress and other muscular strains.

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