Music to my ears (..and win a pair of Philips Downtown Denim Headphones!)

Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

I love listening to music when I’m out and about.. it’s like having a soundtrack to my life. Somedays I’ll be skipping down the street in the sunshine to Rosi Golan, and other days I’ll be listening secretly to Les Mis on the tube. ONE DAY MOREEEEE!! (I have been known to cry at ‘Bring Him Home’ on the Northern Line. It wasn’t my greatest moment..)

The headphones I wear really makes or breaks the listening experience, and I have been lucky enough to be in the possession of a pair of the new Philips Downtown Denims. (Cue ‘Ooooooooh’) 

Philips sent them to me to try out over a four week period, as part of their You Need to Hear This campaign. They have been coming with me on all my adventures over the last few weeks and the verdict is in. Poppy Loves.

Not only are these headphones great for sound quality, but they Look Awesome. (Can I say ‘awesome’ and not be American and get away with it? Do I sound ridiculous? I need a better word.) The main headband is covered in white stitched denim – it’s looks really cool (can I say ‘cool’?) and stylish and they have certainly been causing heads (three, so far) to turn.

Back to the sound quality – Philips have integrated MusicSeal Technology into the headphones, which essentially means your music won’t leak out and annoy all the people around you. And it really works. I turned my music up to a silly level (ouch!) and still it couldn’t be a heard by my friend sitting next to me on the tube. It works both ways too – sitting on the Central Line (I do get around you know) listening to my tunes, I was blissfully unaware of the chattering commuters, the argumentative child next to me and the ricketty rumbling of the train.

The headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear – they are so soft! Made of a faux leather, they feel like you are wearing giant marshmallows on your ears. I wore them for 4 hours on the trot recently, on the train home from Edinburgh, and they remained comfortable for the entire journey.

The really good news is that I have a pair to give away! See below for competition details, and in the meantime I suggest you give your tinny smartphone headphones the heave-ho and jump on board the sound revolution with me. I am SO COOL! 

(I’m listening to My Fair Lady. Shhhh.)

Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

WIN a pair of Philips Downtown Denim Headphones!

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40 thoughts on “Music to my ears (..and win a pair of Philips Downtown Denim Headphones!)

  1. I need a pair like these, my ears get so sore with the headphones I’ve got.
    Love your blog btw I know I don’t comment but that’s just because I’m lazy.
    Kirsten x

  2. they sound really good, Love the denim and big mash mellow soft ear piece, and the MusicSeal Technology means I can have them loud as I like without worrying about the old lady sat on bus next to me tutting!
    They sound just like something I need and brilliant blog report!

  3. hi Poppy- hope you had a FAB time in Paris, so jealous :) These look great- would be very happy to have em, Thanks for the chance! xo

  4. These are lush and of course you can say ‘awesome’, I do all the time ‘frickin awesome’ is a favourite of mine (and I am not American and I am 36).

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