Holy Hula Hoops, Batman


This is Laura. She knows how to hula hoop.

I do love a good hula hoop me, but I’m not talking about crisps today. I’m talking about the full on, proper, wiggle your hips, hula hoop your bum off hulahooping.


If you’re bored of sit ups (tick!) the idea of going to the gym makes you turn a funny shade of ‘can’t be bothered’ (tick!) and you want a fun and sociable and, erm, different way to get in shape (tick tick tick!) then I may have found the answer for you.


Meet Laura. She’s a hula hoop veteran (eight years!) and she knows her stuff like you wouldn’t believe. Her top hooping moment was hula-ing at the London 2012 Olympics and if you want an idea of just how hoopahooly she is, just take a look at her busting some serious moves below:

Lucky for us, clever Laura has set up a couple of courses in Deptford, (South East London), where she will pay you lots of attention, (there are only eight twirlers in a class) and get you hula hooping like a pro in a jiffy.

Before you ask, yes. Hoops are provided! Although you can buy your own set of three hoops for £35, and they’re gold and glittery and everything!


The course begins next Wednesday, 21st August, so if you want a spot, you’d better grab your hoop, harness your hula and get in touch pronto.




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One thought on “Holy Hula Hoops, Batman

  1. Wow! She is hooptastic! Shame I’m nowhere near London as it looks like so much fun. I wonder if there are any local classes…

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