Pretty up: Poppy gets primped at 10500

I wasn’t born with the beauty and maintenance gene that most girls are born with. That gene which pings every six weeks instinctively so you know to get a haircut.. or pings to remind you to shave your legs, (there’s a reason I’m wearing tights). 

With that in mind, I hope you understand that I am too embarrassed to show you the ‘before’ pictures… so please just use your imagination. It was very bad. I think I made someone cry when I walked past them it was so bad. (I actually just forgot to take any photos, but you get the idea.)

In I walked to my hairdresser on Westbourne Park Road – 10500 and it was Darrin to the rescue. He knows my hair (curly, crazy, fly-away, some bits a bit straighter than others, maddening in general) very well now, so I was in and out in a flash. However, the MAIN reason I am writing this post is to alert you to my new miracle product, which Darrin used on my hair today – I am talking about Marrakesh Oil Hair Styling Elixir

There’s always a moment just before Darrin finishes doing my hair.. when I think he has already finished doing my hair. And I stare at myself in the mirror thinking ‘he can’t have finished doing my hair? I look a bit like a Womble and a bit like Super Gran and a bit like I shouldn’t be allowed out of the house.’ 

But then, the magical oil appears ( he hadn’t finished doing my hair) and with one swoosh through the tresses, (it smells divine, by the way) my locks are full, BRILLIANTLY SHINY, luscious and bouncy, my swishy haircut looks like something out of a magazine and I am ready to be let loose on the world once more.

It really is a miracle product. But then, so is Darrin.

10500 Hair Salon
284 Westbourne Park Road
W11 1EH

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