Bluebelles of Portobello

I know you know I love cafes… and if you don’t you must be a new reader. Hello. But I wanted to tell you about this particular cafe… not just because I really really like it, but because the owner (Jonny) is just so enthusiastic and friendly and bouncy and happy to see you that I want everyone to know about it. And go there. And drink their coffee because it’s really really good. Really.

Red and I went to Bluebelles of Portobello (on Portobello Road) on Tuesday for brekky. It was a gorgeously sunny day and the light was streaming in and lighting up the rustic, homely and vintage styled cafe like a pretty picture.

The fresh artisan bread was absolutely delicious and Red’s mushrooms on toast were a hit. They make everything on site, including their prize homemade slow roasted tomato ketchup… which I didn’t get to try, but by the look in Jonny’s eyes and the way he was jumping up and down in excitement, I knew it had to be the bees knees.

I love my gloves from Ted Baker

I love my gloves from Ted Baker

The menu at Bluebelles of Portobello is extensive and covers everything from fresh sandwiches, to pastries, salads, cakes and soups… I would definitely suggest you pop in if you find yourself having a mooch in the market and feel a rumble in your tummy. It’s just lovely. Ooo and there’s free wifi too.

I’m loving discovering these cafes in my neighbourhood – have you got a favourite? I’d love to know about it.. just leave me a comment below and tell me your cafe secrets!


Bluebelles of Portobello
320 Portobello Road

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9 thoughts on “Bluebelles of Portobello

  1. I went here the other day with high hopes and was actually a bit dissapointed…my poached eggs were more like hard boiled eggs and I love my eggs runny :(
    my faves in notting hill for brunch are lowry & baker, 202, granger & co, pizza east! YUMMMM x

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