Trick or Treat

Ooooooooo! Halloweeeeeen!

Ghosts and ghoulies and children so high on Curly Wurlys they can no longer see straight. Hurruh!

Call me crazy, but when the weeny witches come-a-knocking on my door, yelling ‘Trick or Treat!” (Translation – “Give us a KitKat or we’ll pelt you with raw eggs”) I tend to hide behind the sofa. (This new technique has been developed since living in central London.) 

On the upside, Halloween is still a massive excuse to overdose on naughties and experiment with all things pumpkin, so I wanted to share with you this rather yum recipe from the very yummy blog American Cupcake Abroad. And boy oh boy are they yum. 

These are soft and fragrant and melt-in-the-mouth-pumpkinny-heaven…

Trick or treat? What a daft question.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies – Recipe


p.s. This recipe makes 36, (Uh huh – go gather pals) and if you have no idea what a ‘cup’ is in cooking, Nigella has a great little range to sort out this problem right here.

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