Hoe down: Allotinabox

All hail Allotinabox! Gurus of Growing your Own in weeny urbany spaces. Not just small spaces – you can obviously GYO (grow your own) if you have a mahoosive garden, but Allotinabox have managed to make it super duper easy to grow herbs, fruit and veggies on a balcony, a rooftop or a smattering of soil outside your front door.

My little London balcony is, although very pretty and twinkly, grossly underused and currently does a very bad job of providing my lunch, so Allotinabox are my saving grace and green fingered guardian angels. I shall be their prime pupil. Teacher’s pet. That’s me.

They have all kinds of lovely bits and pieces (all sourced from the UK) to greeny up your digits and one of my faves is this Limited Edition Urban GYO Box. It comes with a whole heap of growing goodness, including carrots, leeks, spring onions, spinach and chive seeds, organic jute twine, beautiful plant tags and a handy Grow Wheel Guide so you know exactly when to sow your seedlings and reap the benefits. Clever clever clever.

They’re so nice that they’ll even send you seeds and GYO bespoke goodie boxes quarterly, so you’ll know what to plant when, ensuring you have enough food to eat all year round. Amazers.
What’s more, their designer (ooo) biodegradable (you can plant it afterwards) box will shimmy through your letter box with ease as it has been designed specifically to do just that – clever considerate them.

It really is an allotment in a box.

Poppy Loves. Tick.



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