Dingle Bells


In an industry so cut throat and where X-Factor holds status (sob) I always cheer when a true musician, with scruffy hair and a gloriously undeterred happy outlook comes my way. Enter Henry Dingle. A real life, guitar playing gent who grew up on an orchard and can out-eat me in cake. (That’s unusual).
Henry’s new album, ‘The Boy Who Never Learned’ is a beautiful scrapbook of everything he holds dear. Real life, real sentiment, real musicians and no nonsense. Many people who know and love Henry (and there are many) played a part in the creation of this album, from baking cakes for his album launch to designing the cover sleeve – and it is all the sweeter for it.
Henry is gracing the stage at the Portobello Acoustic Sessions on the 3rd June, but for those of you who can’t wait to sample a bit of Mr Dingle, here is my fave – ‘January’ (Track 4 – on repeat). His brother Fergus and he shot the film together, and I have had jumper envy ever since. Enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Dingle Bells

  1. What a wonderful voice and a beautiful video! Thank you Poppy for this introduction to a wonderfu musician x x

  2. Great music and fun video :) I hope he gets where he wants to be and has lots of fun on the way. Is the album in the shops or online? x

  3. Very good. I’d share it with OH, but he’s severed a tendon in his arm and can’t play guitar at the mo. Don’t want to rub his face in it. Might bake him a cupcake though…

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