Basket Case: Mabel & Violet


In an effort to encourage the somewhat tentative sun to linger longer, I have decided to have a picnic in Holland Park. I will be braving the weather today, (anyone notice that it’s actually snowing still in Walford?) no matter what and eating miniature sausages on miniature sticks with miniature cheesey nibbly things too. 
I like the mini food thing – I feel perfectly justified in having double the amount of helpings. Snack maths.
Having decided I need a lovely hamper to stuff full of wholesome picnic fayre, I began trawling the shops to find the perfect companion. (Basket, not chap).  And look what I found. 
The glorious 4 person hamper in the picture above is just one of the heavenly products from Mabel and Violet.
Lined with a gorgeous floral fabric, it comes complete with ceramic plates, acrylic wine glasses, cutlery, a bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers… and it even has pretty cotton napkins, so there’ll be no erroneous humous blobs anywhere they shouldn’t be.
Who said life’s no picnic?
Not. Me.


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