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I am a culinary genius! (Thank you, The Recipe Kit)

I love cooking, but I do sometimes find myself in a rut. I have my old faithful recipes, some sure-thing spice combos and one or two show stoppers (can’t possibly reveal how easy these are here, or you will no longer thing I am a culinary genius. *Snorts*) I am not afraid of herbs and spices… I just don’t always know what to do with them. Or where to put them. 

I would occasionally like to bust out of my Poppy safety bubble and whirl around the kitchen like Animal from the Muppets, in clouds of sugar and spice craziness with bubbling pots of mysterious amazingness all around me… only to emerge with a sensational meal that makes everyone cry. (I’m not sure Animal is sexy enough – I want to swap with what’s-her-chops from Bewitched. Thank you.)

Low and behold, a couple of weeks ago my wish was granted. Ta da! Enter The Recipe Kit. I selected my favourite 3 recipes from their website, (there are 9 to choose from each week) and they sent me everything I needed in a big (biodegradable) box. Everything had been measured out in the exact quantity required and packaged up in neatly labelled bags and boxes. 

Each recipe comes with an instruction card, with simple step-by-step instructions of how, what and when to do everything. They also go one step further by teaching you new cooking skills, advising what wine you should drink with the meal and even what music you should listen to… it’s a cooking masterclass and the best bit is that you can do it all in your own kitchen. In your slippers. Or in your pants. (I wasn’t in my pants, but if you wanted to cook starkers there’s be no judgement from me.) (But do wear an apron. #healthandsafety)

The three recipes I chose were Crab Fishcakes with Poached Duck Eggs and Peashoot Salad, Lamb Kofteh with Barberries and Tabouleh Salad… AND… Curried Prawns with Salted Lemons and Tender Stemmed Broccoli. Wow. Wow. Wow.

All our ingredients, measured, packaged and labelled for us

All our ingredients, measured, packaged and labelled for us

We made the recipes throughout the week and they were so SO easy to follow. Each had unusual ingredients, new cooking lingo I wasn’t too familiar with and I had grown in confidence with my new found cooking skills after making the first recipe – the crab cakes.

The recipe kit

Poppy’s been dicing…

All their recipes are healthy and well balanced with super fresh ingredients, (from the farm to your door on the same day.) They use local suppliers who provide seasonal produce and, the best bit is that the recipe kits are delivered to your very door.

The dishes were so delicious and we had such a sense of pride when we ate them. The kitchen didn’t know what had hit it. Pestles were bashed in Mortars, eggs were poached free stylee, there was blanching, dicing, marinading and zesting… and I had a delicious meal cooked for me by a very VERY lovely man (more on him another day) when I couldn’t lift a finger after my Gobstopper Removal.

Recipe Kit

Ta da! Crab Fishcakes with poached duck eggs and peashoot salad! Made by Poppy!

The Recipe Kit always offer at least 3 veggie options, the recipes are culturally and culinarily (is that a word?) diverse, they deliver nationwide and with prices starting at £4.90 per person, per meal, it’s almost a bit too good to be true. 

It gets better – The Recipe Kit are giving Poppy Loves readers an exclusive 30% discount! Just enter ‘lovedinner’ at checkout.

Go on. Get your Chef on…