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Heal’s: The Windsor Rocker
by Katie Walker

Do you know who Katie Walker is? She’s the clever award winning lass, what designed Prince George’s High Chair. So, assuming The Royal Family don’t make these decisions lightly, she must really know what she’s doing.

Katie clearly felt that bigger bottoms deserved to sit on her creations, (although, I cannot vouch for the size of Prince George’s bottom) and so set about creating the beautiful Windsor Rocker, which you can see above. (Can you be sent to the gallows for talking about a Prince’s bottom?) (I’ve done it twice now.)

This beautiful creation is inspired by traditional Windsor chair-making techniques. I had no idea what these were either, so let me elaborate. The chair features the trademark spindles of the Windsor style and an ash frame, which is steam-bent to create a lovely, flowing design.

I love that the wood (where possible) is from sustainable sources and is grown locally to where the chairs are made in the heart of England – it makes me feel like singing Land of Hope and Glory…  And just to make sure you’re not getting a dud, each chair is personally inspected by Katie Walker herself, before being placed in a protective cotton bag ready to whizz off to the customer.

One final thing – the seat of the rocker has a gentle, shaped recess (good for all bottoms, prince or no prince) offering the ultimate comfort when one is rocking out. 

The only snag is that it will set you back a mere £2295. But I reckon, if I pop round to Queenie’s with some booties for her grandson, she might buy me one for Crimbo.


(Can you go to the gallows for bribing royals?)