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Delicious Discounts at Joss & Main
(and Poppy’s Tea Party Event!)

Joss and Main Something wonderful has happened. More wonderful than finding out it’s Friday when you thought it was Thursday. More wonderful than discovering a fiver in your pyjamas pocket. (Yes that happened.) Slightly less wonderful than realising you have magical super powers.. but more wonderful than realising you have two episodes of Mad Men to catch up on when you thought you only had one. THAT kinda wonderful.

Joss and Main

Joss & Main have finally hit our shores, after redefining how 7 million (yes, that actually says 7 million) shoppers in the US furnish their homes… and I for one am doing the Running Man to celebrate. Not right now, as I have just eaten three crumpets, but I will in a minute.

Joss & Main are the gurus of premium interiors flash sales (discounted heavenly decor) – their super sonic skilled in-house curators scour the world from top to bottom, for the best new products from both household name brands and up-and-coming designers.

A unique, inspired and GORGEOUS selection of interior decor (everything from furniture to cookware) is sourced by their experts to create unique capsule edits, which are then pinged directly into your inbox, accompanied by clever tips, advice and beautiful imagery.

Then (and this is the best bit) members (become a member for free here!) can take full advantage of all the amazingly amazing discounts. Kaboom.

Joss and Main

You know all those pennies you spend on glossy inspiring interiors magazines? Well pop that moolar back in your pocket and SIGN UP FOR FREE to Joss & Main instead. It’s a glorious ray of interior design sunshine each and every morning. And, because all the events are flash sales, it means you’re getting stunning pieces at bargain prices. Woot! (I do love a bargain.)

Joss and Main

As well as offering events edited by in-house curators, Joss & Main also partners with top interior designers, stylists, celebrities and bloggers to showcase Curator’s Collections… and guess who has curated their latest event? Ta da!

And… even better… guess what it’s called? ‘Poppy’s Tea Party.’ It could not have been more perfect and I could not have enjoyed it more. I adore afternoon tea in all its guises; the ritual, the prettiness.. this was such a perfect pairing for me and I was thrilled to be asked.

I have selected my absolute favourite pieces from the Joss & Main collections, a few of which you can see here on this blog post – you can see my curated event here.

Joss and Main

I have also done a Q&A with Joss & Main as well as a little guide to some of my favourite spots in my home village, Notting Hill. So if you’re ever headed this way and I’m not around to show you the sights, my Stylephile’s Guide to Notting Hill will have you gobbling the best custard tarts and sipping the craziest of cocktails in W11.

Joss and Main

Every time one of Joss & Main’s emails lands in my inbox, my heart goes ping! And I’m first in line to gaze at the new (and discounted!) gorgeousness. They have changed the way I think about and shop for all things home and I would love for you all to experience this unbridled joy too.  Don’t forget, it’s members only and completely free to sign up – you can do so here and if I were you, I’d get a wriggle on coz once the word’s out… well, y’know.

See you over there! (But don’t grab all the bargains… or we can’t be friends anymore.)