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Our Levantine Weekend Brunch
at Barboun, Shoreditch


Heading out for brunch on a weekend is, as you well know by now, one of my absolute favourite things. So when I was invited by Barboun, who serve up stunning food inspired by the flavours of the Levantine coast, cooked over wood fire…I was delighted to accept.

Food from this part of the world – Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel — and inland to Jordan – is up there with my favourite cuisines. I’m a big fan of the flavours and spices that are so popular in this region, so I was already excited as we boarded the train at Walthamstow, with Izzy yelling ‘Choo choo!’ at the top of her lungs, as LM masterfully guided the buggy onto the carriage. (I say masterfully as last time I attempted this, I managed to drop a book, bang my head and run over my own scarf).

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