Instagram Masterclasses and Training

Instagram for business masterclass

“Having participated in The Guardians Digital Masterclass – Build your Brand Story using Instagram, with Eva from Poppy Loves London, it is no wonder she is considered the best” – Emma Kennedy, E-Learning Content Designer

With over a decade of experience in branding, social media and communications, I have worked with and consulted for a number of businesses, from local independents to global brands. Today, the Poppy Loves brand reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month, utilising key social channels, including Instagram – one of its primary growth drivers. Follow me on Instagram.

My instagram masterclasses are designed with small businesses and individuals in mind.

Course content:

  • How can Instagram benefit your business or brand?
  • Creating a compelling profile
  • Strategy, planning and goal setting
  • Brand Focus
  • Growing your presence on Instagram – including using hashtags and @mentions to best effect
  • Tips for using Instagram and all its various features to engage with new and existing customers
  • Using Instagram to achieve goals for your business or personal brand
  • Learn how to monitor the impact and success of your content so you know what is working
  • The exact tools you need to make Instagram posts shine – and to help you save time
  • The key elements of good Instagram photography
  • Top tips and hacks
  • Q&A

I also offer 1-1 sessions. Do drop me a line if you’d like to find out more.


“I absolutely loved my instagram  session with Eva. It was inspiring, informative and left me wanting more. Eva is a fountain of knowledge on this platform and I can’t recommend her enough.”
– Lucy Dixon, Events & Entertainment Agency

“We absolutely loved Eva’s masterclass! She breaks Instagram down into manageable bite-size pieces which was amazing for us as we didn’t know where to start. For a start-up business, this is essential information that you otherwise would not know without taking this class. Never a boring moment as Eva’s energy will inspire you throughout.”
– Oishi, street food trader

“I found the pace to be just right – you encouraged me to plan my strategy and think carefully about my brand and what that would look like on my Insta page. You helped me to think about photography, gave me advice on the best way to take a photo as well as how to edit my photographs. There is so much to learn in the world of Instagram I think, that it is so easy to feel overwhelmed. But your masterclass helped to break things down for a novice like me, into manageable steps”
-Jenny Nuttall, small business owner

“Eva’s Masterclass was brilliant, the perfect balance of information with examples. It felt very inclusive and someone who genuinely wanted to help you understand. It covered everything I needed, from the basic principles to planning and strategising. Would highly recommend!”
– Kristen Hayden, fitness instructor

“An abundance of information, tips and tricks, delivered with fun, enthusiasm, authority and most importantly authenticity”
– Emma Kennedy, E-learning Content Designer

“Eva was a total inspiration! As a complete technophobe I’ve always avoided having to use social media platforms as anything more than an online photo album. It’s always seemed to me to be an ocean of unfathomable info & trickery I could never imagine I’d be able to get my head round. Having now done the course it’s starting to make more sense and to be much less terrifying!” 
– Zoë Kettel, natural beauty products business owner

“She had us hooked from the start with enthusiasm and juicy info’ on all the things that Instagram can do. From little stories through to short films and posting tips we had a whistle stop tour! Hold onto your hats and grab a pen is my advice!”
– Juliet Fosse, small business owner

“The Masterclass was a comprehensive overview of all the features on Instagram as well as detailed guidance on how to  engage your audience. I feel so much more confident using the tool now!”
– Lesley Thain, community account

Tools of the trade

Having the right kit is important to creating a fantastic feed. You can have the greatest content ideas in the world, but if your camera is wobbly or the background/light isn’t right, your content just won’t shine in the way you want it to.

I have a couple of tripods for different shots and uses and a selection of vinyl backgrounds for my photography. If you’re interested in getting kitted out, here are some useful links to products to get you started…

Vinyl backgrounds: