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Upcycling and going circular with IKEA


I’ve been doing a massive clear out recently, in an effort to get the house neat and tidy (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA) for Christmas. I am an extraordinary accumulator of THINGS. And I’m not sure how it happens… but charity shops with interesting pieces of old furniture have a lot to answer for. I blame them.

However, despite my adoration for all things old, I also have a whole lotta love for a beautifully designed, smart, straight (yes, I own a spirit level) unbroken, fully intact piece of inexpensive furniture, and it is for this reason that IKEA is literally one of my favourite places to be. I spend hours there, wandering the aisles, dreaming of having a bunkbed with a desk underneath it (childhood dream) a wall made entirely of their little wooden drawers (sigh) and a kitchen where herbs and plants could hang as stylishly as they do in their showroom… HOW DO THEY DO IT?! I should also mention that I could out-eat any of you when it comes to their meatballs. 20 meatballs? Sure. And some gravadlax to start, please.

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Kicking away those Winter Blues


Oh, hello November. 

Hello long nights, short days, low energy, lethargy and all the other fun things that grace my doorstep once Winter sets in…

Christmas is beckoning but it’s just a bit too far away to provide any real excitement and Autumn has well and truly packed up and toddled off. So here we are, in inbetweeny land, with cold winds, chapped cuticles, low motivation and a good few weeks before I can legitimately chomp through a packet of mince pies to cheer myself up.

Does anyone else feel a bit sluggish right now? Like you’re trying to walk uphill through porridge… or swimming through custard… or other school dinner analogies…

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The Joy of Baking
with Lyle’s Golden Syrup


There is something about the smell of something baking that’s been made with Lyle’s Golden Syrup, that transports me back to my childhood with rocket speed. Kablam! And I’m in my grandma’s kitchen with my nose pressed up against the oven, unable to bear the waiting. (It wasn’t hot, don’t worry.  Health and safety never compromised, not even by delicious baked goods). “Be patient”, I’d be told. A lesson I never, ever learnt… at least not when it came to biscuits and cake.

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Balkan Feasting comes to E17


Today Bread has long been one of my favourite daytime haunts for coffee, cake and all kinds of yumminess in the Stow. So when I heard that Lacy Nook were popping up with their pop-up at said establishment in the evenings, I did a little celebratory leap and whizzed off there for dinner last week.

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Introducing… Green & Black’s Velvet Edition

This post is sponsored by Green & Black’s
and all thoughts & opinions are my own.


Chocolate. Even writing that word evokes a feeling of happiness. It’s extraordinary. This smooth, sweet, yummy stuff has been bringing joy into our lives for centuries and I don’t see that ending any time soon.

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Spooky Film screenings this October
at House of Vans London

Spooky film screenings

For the month of magic and darkness (eeeek) House of Vans has programmed its eeriest selection of films to date featuring a whole host of dark and magical creatures… With a collection of kids films for the mornings in the same vain, it’s going to get pretty spooky down in the tunnels this month. 

Little rippers can attend an hour-long Skate Skool session before kicking back on a beanbag in the 100-seat screening space or head straight in to catch their favourite flick. Booking required in advance for Skate Skool.
Screenings are free and no booking is required. Wooooooooo!!

Enjoy, if you dare…

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A Winchester sleepover
at Hotel du Vin


A few weeks ago, we three musketeers set off on a two week holiday to Cornwall and The Cotswolds. In the past, packing for a weekend a way took up the whole car (we MAY have taken Izzy’s bath with us. And the Jumperoo…) and so the fact that we could pack up the car, with LEG ROOM TO SPARE and go away for two whole weeks, was a real milestone for us. Pats on backs all round.

However, driving the bazillion hours to Cornwall with an Isabelle who is a disaster in the car and requires constant entertainment, was not a thought I was relishing… so we decided to have a stop-over at Hotel du Vin in Winchester. Clever us.

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