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Ringing in the festivities with glorious Spode


There’s something about Spode that is utterly magical. It’s elegant, timeless and beautiful… and when it comes to setting the table for a festive feast, the iconic British style, its heritage and the beauty it brings to any setting is unlike anything else I have ever experienced.

Spode is traditional, but still so relevant, modern and stunning. And in its 250th anniversary year they are celebrating by launching their very own tea-inspired gin… and it’s delicious!

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My Christmas Edit of the William Morris Gallery Shop (and receive 20% off my selected items!)


I remember the first time I fell upon the William Morris Gallery. I couldn’t quite believe that it existed here, in Walthamstow, just a short stroll from my front door. The stunning grade II listed Georgian house was built in the 1740s and was William Morris’s family home from 1848 – 1856. It is the only public gallery devoted to William Morris and not only houses some wonderful exhibitions and a tearoom (get the brownie) but there is also the most fabulous shop, which, if you are in any way a fan of Morris, will make you weep with delight.

I was thrilled to be asked to curate my own edit of their gift shop for Christmas – it was an absolute honour. I took my time and picked out some of my favourite pieces – all of which you can now find here. There is also a very special 20% discount on all of the items in my edit – just use the code POPPY20.

View my Christmas Edit of the William Morris Gallery Shop

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Bath time just got a whole lot more fun,
with Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Bath Toys

No matter what phase we are going through with Izzy, whether that be the crazy teething phase, the “no no NO!” stage or the uncontrollable tantrum phase (and here endeth today’s advertisement for having a child), there is one part of the day that I have always  loved, where she is calm, happy and inquisitive… and that, dear reader, is Bath Time.

When Izzy is in the bath, it’s like we’ve entered a different paradigm. She’d be happy splashing away for hours in a bucket of water, so give her a lovely warm bath with bubbles and toys to play with and she is in Actual Isabelle Heaven. 

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Pumpkin Picking at Cammas Hall Farm

Cammas Hall Farm Pumpkins

I bloody love Autumn. There are certain things that make Autumn, well, Autumn for me… and the list is not short. Crunchy golden leaves (tick), apple pie (all year round actually, but tick) bracken (still not entirely sure what this is) new pencils (tick) cosy knitwear – tick tick tick… the list goes on.

However, more recently I discovered the wonders of pumpkin picking and now I need A WHOLE NEW LIST as this has to go at the very very top. In bubble writing. And illuminated with stickers.

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Peggy Porschen Afternoon Tea
at The Lanesborough

Lanesborough Afternoon Tea

What a total TOTAL treat this was.

I’d been in Covent garden earlier in the day and I walked through the wiggly streets of London, in a bit of sun, wind, rain and sun again… (hello, Autumn!) to Hyde Park Corner, where I was greeted by an extremely gentlemanly doorman, who welcomed me into The Lanesborough Hotel, for a very special afternoon tea.

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Autumn in Covent Garden

There’s something about Autumn that raises my spirits and hopes in a way no other season can. There’s something about the bonus sunshine, the bite in the air and the permission to layer up with my favourite woolies, that steals my heart every year.

Last Friday went from being a blazingly sunshiney morning to torrential downpours in the afternoon… so before the rain arrived I headed to Covent Garden for a quick brekky and a coffee and a mooch about the streets.

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Fatt Pundit x Snowflake Gelato
= a very special Soho lunch


Last week I hopped on the tube (with mask and a croissant, which I then realised I couldn’t eat, because mask) to Soho, to meet my friend Jess for lunch at Fatt Pundit – a cosy Indo-Chinese restaurant tucked away on Berwick Street. And I was eating the croissant because I ran out the door without having eaten brekky. But don’t worry, by the time I got there, I was STILL VERY HUNGRY BECAUSE I COUDN’T EAT THE CROISSANT. BECAUSE MASK.

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