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Five Dresses that spark joy

& Other Stories – Smocked Maxi Dress

I am finding that the clothes I wear, particularly now, are having a direct affect on how I am feeling. If I can look forward to getting dressed (I sometimes decide what I’m wearing the night before, to take any decision making out of the morning) I am far more likely to start my day well. I eat better, I feel brighter… it’s all quite fascinating.

I am a BIG dress wearer – they make me happy. I’m not certain why, but I don’t think we can underestimate the power of the swish. I’ve been having a look at the high street (online) and have picked out five of my favourites that make my heart ping a little and are perfect for the transitional period as we make our way s l o w l y towards the Spring… (Spring! Can you even imagine?)

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Good for the soul: Baking Bread


Baking bread has always been something I had great intentions of doing, but just never did. It always felt a bit complicated, or that I would need some kind of magic skill set that I just didn’t have. It’s a confusing part of myself, that creates these blocks that stand in the way of me doing stuff. It’s confusing because there is a whole other enormous part of me that is very happy to leap off into the unknown and have a go… whether that be zooming off to a new country for a few months, or applying for a new job in a completely different field to the one I’m currently in… The big stuff, I’m fine with. I have no fear of falling because I know I’ll bounce and can try again.

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New Year. New Bathroom.
The After


I can’t tell you how excited I am to share these photos with you after showing you ‘The Before‘. After the big smash up, the hours pouring over pink tiles on Pinterest and the whole should-we-shouldn’t-we brain melt over whether or not we should keep our roll-top bath, we made it. Ripples brought our dream bathroom to life and the last lick of paint was licked on Christmas Eve and we woke up on Crimbo morning to this – an actual luxurious bathroom, where I listen to podcasts in peace and do a full skincare routine in the morning and the evening like a proper grown-up. We did it.

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New Year. New Bathroom.
The Before…

Ripples Bathroom

Merry new year, to all of you and your lovely faces. I’m so aware that I haven’t written yet, since the year began… but what can I say – the struggle here is real! The whole nursery closing/working/mumming/blogging thing really needs some fine tuning. In fact, it’s impossible. And I’ve just had to make peace with that and recognise that not everything can happen. So some things have definitely slid a little further down the Eva Mountain than I’d hoped they would… but not for long, I hope! And that I clean forgot to just pop on here and say “HURRAH! WE MADE IT! IT’S 2021!” is a clear testament to my frazzledness. (No, that’s not a word).

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Reading your tea leaves


I’ve gone deep into the world of tea and science and the magical powers it can bestow upon our bodies and brains and although you may see the word ‘science’ and want to run away, please don’t! I’m talking about tea! We all love pot of tea. Or a mug, a cup, a flask… however you take yours, the powers within are just the same.

In my last post I explained the process whereby the power of tea can actually change the bacteria in your gut (for the better, I should add)… and this is called a prebiotic effect. So clever. (So sciency. Are you feeling smug? Bring this up at your next Zoom dinner party – you’ll blow their minds). 

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Maple Gingerbread Festive Biscuits with orange & cinnamon icing, for Maple Syrup Day


I’ve always just associated maple syrup with drizzling over pancakes, or bacon and waffles (I’m all about the salt and sweet) but I’ve recently been on a learning curve and now know just how tasty and versatile it is.

I didn’t realise but you can use maple syrup to transform so many different types of dishes – sweet and savoury – and I love the idea of using this natural source of energy as a glaze over chicken and turkey.. and also to add a hit of sweetness to salads and soups – the Canadian Maple Vinegar is amazing for a salad drizzle!  

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The ultimate Christmas Drinks… at home


I am not a big drinker, but I do love cocktails! The folk at Master of Malt invited me to try the Drinkworks Home Bar – it’s been a hit in the States for a while and has just launched here in the UK… and all I can say is that it is REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD and the perfect Christmas gift for that cocktail lover in your life…

The Drinkworks Home Bar crafts an array of cocktails at the touch of a button. From Old Fashioneds and Mojitos, to Kentucky Sours, Spritzers and Long Island Iced Teas, there is no measuring, no shaking, no myriad of bottles and mess… just an amazing selection of pods, containing everything you need for top notch cocktails.

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