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Independent food, drink & grocery delivery in Walthamstow, E17 during Lockdown

Hucks cafe
Hucks Cafe

Yesterday I wrote a blog post all about what independent food producers and shops are delivering to homes throughout London.

As you know, I live in Walthamstow and below is a list of local folk who are delivering locally to this very special corner of London. If you know of any I haven’t included, please do let me know and I will amend.

Big up The Stow X

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Independent food delivery in
London during Lockdown


Dear pals.

Cor, what a time we are living through.

I’m thinking of you all and please know that I, LM and Izzy are all fine. Izzy is in fact, more than fine. She’s ecstatic. She’s having the time of her life having both of us around 24/7.

If like me, you’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to order food online, then thankfully, here in London we are surrounded by fantastic indie foodie folk, who will deliver to your door.

This list is correct as of 28/3/20 and I will do my best to update it. I’ve only included those who deliver to the whole of London (to the best of my knowledge) and there will be many more, I’m sure. Please do send me your recommendations.

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Our Levantine Weekend Brunch
at Barboun, Shoreditch


Heading out for brunch on a weekend is, as you well know by now, one of my absolute favourite things. So when I was invited by Barboun, who serve up stunning food inspired by the flavours of the Levantine coast, cooked over wood fire…I was delighted to accept.

Food from this part of the world – Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel — and inland to Jordan – is up there with my favourite cuisines. I’m a big fan of the flavours and spices that are so popular in this region, so I was already excited as we boarded the train at Walthamstow, with Izzy yelling ‘Choo choo!’ at the top of her lungs, as LM masterfully guided the buggy onto the carriage. (I say masterfully as last time I attempted this, I managed to drop a book, bang my head and run over my own scarf).

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Taking Family-Friendly to the next level at Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall


Oh oh oh. I wrote about this incredible hotel towards the end of last year and sadly there was a blip on my blog and it never went live! I only realised this recently so please forgive the tardiness of this post, and the one that follows it, as the stories took place back in September, so little Izzy looks far littler! But now, let me tell you about the glorious Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall, which when it comes to family-friendly and baby-friendly, they win ALL THE PRIZES.

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Celebrating my moment
with Pati & Coco

Pati & Coco

I’m not going to sugar-coat it – days with Isabelle are hard. Not because she’s particularly difficult (she’s not) or unusual (she’s not. Well she is, but she’s not) or louder/grumpier/snottier than any other toddler… she’s really really not. She’s just a toddler. And as I approach the time when I can put her to bed and turn out the lights, I am already imagining the sofa, the blanket and my bum upon it and under it. 

From about 5pm I am mustering every ounce of go go go I can. Make supper, have the supper battle (where Isabelle is really hungry but the overwhelming desire to practise her new found skill of asserting herself with a big fat “NO!” means that supper takes LOTS OF TIME…) Bath time, the towel battle, the nappy battle, story time (NO BATTLE!) and finally, bed. “Night night” she says. Often followed by “Toes!” because she can no longer see her feet.

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Gather by name,
gather by nature


I’m currently reading ‘Ordinary People’, written in 2018 by Diana Evans for Poppy Loves Book Club, and fairly early on in the book there was a line, which tripped me up a little:

‘They had looked in the east (the darkness of Walthamstow,
the barren lawns of Chingford…’

… it struck me that there is nothing about Walthamstow that I’d consider dark. On the contrary, I find it is full of life and colour, exciting foodie corners and huge explosions of creativity… so I found it fascinating that this pocket of London could be perceived this way. So I feel even more spurred on to tell you about this very special pop-up in the Stow!

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First Endangered & Rare Crafts Weekend


The art of craft has always been something that inspires me. I marvel at handifolk doing clever things with all manner of materials. And although crafting has had somewhat of a resurgence over the past few years, I can’t help but feel that there are some older, traditional and more unusual crafts that are in danger of being lost forever.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one thinking this – The Goodlife Centre has announced the first ever Endangered & Rare Crafts weekend in central London on the 25th – 26th April 2020. Hurrah!

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