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Last day of Summer
on Mersea Island

West Mersea Beach

“26°”, my weather app whispered. “Last day of Summer!” All day Monday I kept glancing at my phone to see if the temperature might have dipped, but no… it stayed strong and high, despite the following days depicting RAIN and GLOOM and an enormous drop in sunshiney warmth.

I got busy. I booked a beach hut through, ordered picnics from Buttercups Bakery (I’d seen Kate’s wares on Mersea Mogo’s (my beach hut’s) Facebook page) and packed our swimmers, and changes of clothes for us. Oh and nappies. And all the paraphernalia that goes with that… but essentially, we packed very light.

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Discovering the wonder of Nordic-Japanese
at Pantechnicon, Belgravia


Oh, hello. And what a Summer it’s been… What strange times we’ve all had, and are still having… I definitely still feel very much as though I’m stuck in the middle of some kind of normal and lockdown, but somehow I have acclimatised to this inbetweeny vibe more easily than I thought I would…

Yesterday I ventured out to Pantechnicon – Belgravia’s new Japanese/Nordic dining and retail concept space, which has been described as the industry’s biggest launch this side of lockdown. This was my very first lunch OUT OUT since February and I could not have wished for a more special, unique and beautiful place to visit to break my out-and-about dry spell – I was there during its soft launch, however the doors will be well and truly open to everyone on the 22nd Sept…

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My Fantasy Garden with Juliettes Interiors

MAIN designer-italian-teak-garden-dining-table-set-1

What could be better (especially in the middle of a lockdown) than hearing the words:

“We would like you to design your fantasy garden. You can have all the space you like! There is unlimited budget! This will be your spectacular, luxury garden”.

A huge thank you to Juliettes Interiors, who set me this challenge and whose website it has been an absolute pleasure to trawl through, while I’ve lusted over all their incredible luxury designer garden furniture, accessories, lighting and absolutely stunning collections.

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Lockdown Mud Pies, Sunshine & Bubbles

Bubble Machine

What a gloriously sunshiney day yesterday was. It felt, for the first time, as though Summer really isn’t too far away…

Since London went on Lockdown (and even before as I was anticipating it) I have been on a mission to try to get the house and garden to be places that are as exciting and dynamic as possible for Izzy, so she really enjoys being there. (Because she’s going to be there a LOT).

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Independent food, drink & grocery delivery in Walthamstow, E17 during Lockdown

Hucks cafe
Hucks Cafe

Yesterday I wrote a blog post all about what independent food producers and shops are delivering to homes throughout London.

As you know, I live in Walthamstow and below is a list of local folk who are now delivering to our very special corner of London. If you know of any I haven’t included, please do let me know and I will amend.

Big up The Stow X

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