Pinch me. It’s Mary Berry.


What a totally brilliant and wonderful sparkly thing last Wednesday was… coz that was when I left Isabelle playing happily with my mum, I hopped on a train in my new old Vivian Smith dress (LM’s auntie has a vintage fashion business and I got to raid her cupboards in Somerset) and popped out at CLARIDGE’S for AFTERNOON TEA with MARY BERRY. Ding! Ding! Ding!

The flowers were all by McQueens and were absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
Claridge’s is stunning. I could live in Claridge’s. Happily.
The room was exquisite – we all felt hugely spoilt and a little as if we were at a wedding. The greatest wedding ever. With Mary Berry.

We had all gathered to celebrate the launch of Mary Berry’s new cakes which have been added to her existing supermarket range, which first hit the shelves in April 2017. As you might expect, her cakes are a mega success and is now one of the top 10 cake ranges in the UK.

Raspberry, Lemon and Chocolate Cupcakes: ‘From Mary Berry’s Mixed Cupcake Platter, based on Mary’s own recipe. Perfect for afternoon tea or if you’re looking to treat your family and friends. A lovely addition to a baby shower or family party, with a flavour for everyone to enjoy’
Raspberry Ripple Cake: Inspired by Mary Berry’s recipe for Marble Raspberry Cheesecake.

The new cakes have been developed in partnership with the Finsbury Food Group – cake experts themselves, and they were on hand at Claridge’s showing us how they decorate by hand all the cakes – they are delightful.

They are such a whizz at making these sugar flowers!
Caught you ;)

I am extremely proud of my new range of cakes and delighted to share them with you, my favourite recipes from over the years. Perfect for an afternoon tea or a special occasion. Great when life is so busy that you don’t have time to make your own, there’s a cake for everyone “
-Mary Berry

Beautiful William Edwards fine bone china
Toffee Coffee Cake: Inspired by Mary Berry’s own Hokey Pokey cake. A unique twist on seasonal flavours
The full range, including the orange loaf and classic ginger loaf…

I (and everyone else there) was absolutely fizzing with delight just being in the same room as Mary. There’s something about her. She somehow represents all the good stuff of a time gone by, that isn’t now so easy to find… I found myself wishing that my grandmas could have been there with me to share the gentle squeeze around the shoulders I received and the encouraging smile, as I told her what my favourite cake was… (the Ginger Loaf, FYI. Flipping marvellous).

There are some days that stand out for me in this job. And this was one of them.

This was a very good day.

MARY BERRY!!! *Squeals*

I was invited to this event
and all thoughts & opinions are my own

The first photo of me and Mary was taken by
Siobhan of @prettycitylondon

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