Two Spectacular Silent Discos in London

Silent Disco:, pic: Vandana Nagaraj

Silent Disco:, pic: Vandana Nagaraj

Hello one and all and a very happy Monday to you all. For those of you that follow me on Snapchat, you will know that so far today I’ve taken delivery of a hamper full of Bailey’s and Vodka, listened to most of Spotify, announced a new book club and am very, VERY excited as my blog is back up and running…

I had a few techy blips last week and so hired someone super duper to help me switch server (eyes glazing over?) and get my blog working better… it’s always been fairly sluggish and already it’s looking a bit more sprightly, so this is excellent news! It’s not perfect yet, but I’m on my way to a much happier and healthier blog…

I’ve been dancing around the flat all morning because of this new development, with the music turned up high… but no too high, because my neighbours won’t like me, someone could report me as a noisy nuisance and it’s just not very considerate, now is it.

I shall now segue perfectly into introducing you to two fantastic silent discos this here city has to offer. And for those of you who don’t know what a silent disco is, read on…

Silent Disco

Found on – Renowned hip-hop artist Talib Kweli plays music for the crowd, but neighbors hear nothing. Photo credit: Vandana Nagaraj

Glastonbury introduced the revolutionary ‘Silent Disco’ in 2005, which involved everyone at the disco wearing headphones to listen to the music, rather than it being blared out over a field and disturbing someone else’s gig. Since then, the muted party phenomenon has been popping up at other festivals, house parties and events across the UK ever since… and here are two of my faves in London:

Found on - Photo credit: Vandana Nagaraj

Found on – Photo credit: Vandana Nagaraj

Dans le Noir?: Otra Vista Social Club, London: Every Friday from 22 April 2016

From the venue that bought dining in the dark to London, Dans le Noir? will be launching its brand new event every Friday evening, from 10pm until 1am. After its debut in the party capital of Barcelona, this unique sensory experience will provide a silent dance floor every Friday in trendy Farringdon, paired with chill-out drinks in the pitch dark. Resident DJ Tom Parris, who is associated with the world’s most prestigious clubs such as Space Ibiza, will providing an evening of disco house music to guests. Tickets are available for £19 per person, £15 as a prepaid voucher, or £9 for people dining in the restaurant. More info here –

Found on - Photo credit: Vandana Nagaraj

Found on – Photo credit: Vandana Nagaraj

Natural History Museum, London: 8 April 2016

During the day, London’s Natural History Museum is visited by many to marvel at some of the most fascinating artefacts in the world. However, as night descends on the museum on the night of 8 April, the venue will provide a stunning backdrop for a silent disco from 10pm until 1am. After the ‘after school club for grown-ups’ – where over 18’s can take part in a museum treasure hunt and relax in the atmospheric bar – the disco will commence in the magnificent cathedral-like Hintze Hall. An After-school Club for Grown-ups and Silent School Disco ticket is available for £45.

Happy discoing everyone!

Now if only I could find a silent tea dance – I’d be in my absolute element…

Poppy x

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