– My top 10 –
Avocado on toast in London

Wildflower Cafe - My week in pictures

Avocado on toast at Wildflower Cafe, Notting Hill

“There’s only so much avocado on toast one person can have!” said the lovely Jemima to me earlier this week, while we skipped about in tartan in the Scottish Borders…. (that’s a whole other story…) But as soon as she said it,  I thought to myself, “I’m not sure there is”.

I love avocado on toast. Like I love old movies, massive comfy pants and Christmas. It’s in the same department in Poppy Land. Smashed avocado, mushed avocado, squidged, mashed, spread or plonked – I love avo on toast any which way it comes… with poached eggs, with chilli flakes, with feta or just with a squeeze of fresh lemon and twist of coarse black pepper…

So, assuming there is at least one other person who gives two hoots about this simple slice of gourmet heaven,  here are my top ten avocado on toast haunts in this here London town.

Breakfast at Berners Tavern

Avocado and poached eggs at Berner’s Tavern

Berner’s Tavern
10 Berners St, London W1T 3LF
Nearest tube: Oxford Circus

This is one of my favourite breakfast haunts in London – you’ll see it regularly appearing on my Snapchat!

Avocado on Toast - Pizza East

Avocado on toast – Pizza East

Pizza East
310 Portobello Road, London, W10 5TA
Nearest tube: Westbourne Park

I lived in this neck of the woods for years and Pizza East was a regular haunt of mine. I have no idea where they get their avocados from, but they are some of the best you’ll ever taste.

Wildflower Cafe
108 Chepstow Road, London, W2 5QS
Nearest tube: Royal Oak

This cafe/florist is totally gorgeous. Everything they make is not only delicious but completely beautiful as well… the pic at the top of this post is from this cafe and I could eat it every day.

Avocado on toast

Avocado on toast at Caravan, Kings Cross. Picture by The Worktop

Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA
Nearest tube: Kings Cross

I LOVE Caravan. I love the vibe, the coffee and the big noisy easiness of it. And they know how to do a sterling avocado on toast – but go hungry… they don’t do small portions!

The Botanist
No 7 Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8EE
Nearest tube: Sloane Square

A classy spot in a classy part of town. Head here for brekky before swanning around the shops gazing at all at the things you shouldn’t buy. But then do. Because they’re so gorgeous. Oh, and order a fresh juice too – they’re seriously good.

avocado on toast

Avocado on toast at Lantana – picture by bonappetit.com

13 Charlotte Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1SN
Nearest tube: Goodge Street

Lantana has a place very close to my heart. It was one of the very first cafes I ever wrote about and now they have expanded into 3 amazing cafes around London. Find your local one and go there. Order avocado on toast. And don’t ever leave.

Avocado on toast

Avocado on toast on Granger and Co – picture by niomismart.com

Sunday Cafe
169 Hemingford Road, London, N1 1DA
Nearest tube: Highbury & Islington

I can’t say enough good things about Sunday Cafe. There’s no website, their menu changes all the time and it’s super duper special great. I completely love it. Like love love.

Granger and Co
Clerkenwell Green, 50 Sekforde Street, London, EC1R 0HA
Nearest tube: Farringdon

Bill Granger has done amazing things with simple ingredients in his cafes… and there are now several dotted across London. Do book (if you can – some of them don’t allow it) as they can get very busy… and if you can’t book then go early and queue. You’ll be ever so glad you did.


Avocado and poached eggs at Green Room Café, Stoke Newington

Green Room Café
113 Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16 0UD
Nearest station: Stoke Newington

This is such a gorgeous spot to mooch around, eat brekky, catch up with friends and pick flowers for someone special in your life. Like yourself. It’s very unassuming from the outside, but inside it’s a dolly of a place, with charming staff and excellent coffee to boot.

Barnyard London

Avocado and loveage on toast at Barnyard

18 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 2LZ
Nearest tube: Goodge Street

Not your normal looking Avocado on toast, but at £4 a pop, it’s a great little place to know about for when you have your avo cravings!

Do you know these already? Or have you a favourite that I haven’t included?

Please let me know –  my avocado on toast stomach is never full and my cravings show no signs at all of dissipating.

It’s a problem.

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p.s. Since writing this post I have been to Edith’s House in Crouch End, and they have nailed Avocado on Toast like no other.



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6 thoughts on “– My top 10 –
Avocado on toast in London

  1. So glad I stumbled upon this post, I’m always looking for places that serve great versions of avocado on toast. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh my god how I love avocado, they aren’t native to the country I’m in however, so it’s been very hard surviving without it!

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