Staying cosy on Portobello Road

Poppy Loves UGG

There’s something about being cosy on a crisp Autumnal day, that makes me extremely happy. That and excellent coffee. And exceptionally comfortable, fluffy, feel good  footwear.

Last week I met my brother for breakfast on Portobello Road… and I was the cosiest Belle on the Bello.

But before brekky, there was just enough time for a bit of mooching and moseying about on and around one of my favourite streets in London…

Poppy Loves Ugg boots

Boots on leaves

Uggs on Portbello Road

Portobello Road

Walking down Portobello Road…

Poppy Loves Portobello Road

Past Gail’s on Portobello Road…

Phone box

Calling home 90’s style…



flower stall on Portobello Road

Choosing some blooms on the flower stall on Portobello Road

Breakfast at The Electric

Breakfast at The Electric

The Electric Diner is one of my favourite spots for brekkola… and because of my super cosy status, we sat outside and watched the world go by while we devoured all things delicious.

Porridge with banana, nuts and maple syrup...

Porridge with banana, nuts and maple syrup…

Drinking tea



Then it was time to say goodbye and head off to take on the rest of our busy days…





I could walk for miles in these beauties and my feet were singing for joy as I scampered about London all day long…

Poppy Loves Uggs

Long live UGGS!

And all who scamper in them.

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Boots: UGG Australia  | Jacket: Zara | Scarf: Zara | Dress: ASOS

 Bag: Tusting | Umbrella: Barbour

// Written in collaboration with UGG Australia



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