My amazing make up lesson
with Lina Cameron

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

“As little girls, we know we are beautiful. We just feel it.
Mirrors are places where we smile and twirl and sparkle.

But somewhere along the way, that smile becomes a little frown and a critical eye.
We turn to make-up and we conceal, we mask, we distract. As if beauty is only an illusion. A bag of tricks. Something we conjure, not something we feel.

My name is Lina. I’m a makeup artist.
I see your beautiful self and I’ll show you make-up that simply reveals it.”

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

When I read that opening statement by make up artist Lina Cameron, so many bells went off in my head that I knew I just had to meet her…

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Tools of the trade…

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Terry Ombre Blackstar Melting Eyeshadows – THESE ARE AMAZING! Just paint them on like using a crayon. Revelation. I now use ‘Bronze Moon’ and is a firm staple in my makeup case :)

I headed off to Marble Arch for my make up lesson with Lina, complete with the contents of my make up bag… which was essentially full of very little. I have never really had a clue what I’m doing when it comes to make up, which is a shame really, as being a creative, I’d like to have a better grip on what’s going on on my own face!

What I did have with me however, were some lovely new products from Charlotte Tilbury, which I was determined to learn how to use and why I should use them in the first place. As opposed to the free lippy I got in a magazine 5 years ago. (See? I’m really bad.)

Lina opened the door and immediately I knew it was going to be fun. She has so much positivity and warmth pouring out of her – it’s as if she has taken on the job of making womankind feel wonderful and fall in love with themselves… and she is taking on this challenge one woman at a time.

Today, it was my turn.

I took a seat at her gorgeous beauty counter and we began. I showed her (sheepishly) what was in my make up case… and we talked through each item. We kept things that could be good for me, (not a lot) and we discarded everything else.

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

My Benefit foundation – I have miraculously been wearing the right shade for my skin tone! 10 points to Poppy! Lina was very pleased with me :)

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

I now use a number of these products regularly, including the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and my new best friend – Laura Mercier’s illuminating tinted moisturiser 

What then followed was a delightful step by step approach to how I can achieve easy, achievable and gorgeous results on my very own face… I had no complicated requests, but some which I’m sure would be on your list too, e.g. eliminating dark circles under my eyes, how to do eyeliner that doesn’t look like I’be gone 10 rounds with Rocky, an easy natural look that I can administer fairly speedily myself…etc…

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

One of my new Charlotte Tilbury products – The Golden Goddess

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Charlotte Tilbury – Cheek to Chic – swish and pop blusher in Ecstasy

I learnt some amazing tips – all very simple, but very high in value. I learnt which brushes to use for what, HOW to apply foundation (with this) WHICH eyelash curlers to use (these ones) the best un-clumpy mascara for my lashes that’s super cheap (this one) and where to put your hands and fingers when you’re applying  eyeliner. See – simple but very valuable stuff.

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Lina noted down everything for me, with doodles and reminders and colour splodges, so it was fool proof and I could easily replicate when I got home…

The lesson was superb and I learnt so much more than I thought I would… Lina made sure that the makeup she advises brings out and highlights your inner beauty – just works with what’s already there, rather than painting on a brand new face….

She’s a bit of a magician…

“I have worked with some of the leading Make-up Artists in the UK and Lina outshines all of them. I have learnt more in one day with Lina than I have in the last 30 years in this business! I would recommend Lina to all who are novices and to those who think they have seen it all.” Elizabeth Arden Make-Up

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream – it really is magical and I have used it every day since. “Over the past 20 years Charlotte Tilbury has been mixing her own age-defying skincare known in the industry as Charlotte’s magic cream. It’s a secret mix of patented anti-age ingredients, a hyaluronic acid booster plus floral extracts that lift and transform tired skin in an instant. Think of a wilting flower that’s just been watered – skin is flooded with moisture for a glowing complexion in a flash, no matter how dehydrated or lacklustre your skin may look”

Lina Cameron Make Up Artist

Me, with my brand new natural me, and Lina Cameron. If only I could put her in my pocket and carry her around with me…

I cannot recommend Lina Cameron highly enough. She was absolutely wonderful and I love how differently I now approach make up; I’m fearless!

But I am still learning… so  I’ll definitely be going back to get some new beauty tricks up my sleeve very soon…

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with Lina Cameron

  1. Hi Poppy. Just stumbled upon your blog and I’ve already spent 30 minutes on it.I must say that your posts, images, content and everything are beautiful! I have been blogging on makeup and beauty since the past 4 years but now I feel (after looking at your blog) I have so much more to achieve! Am glad I found you :) Oh and I loved this post. Lina seems to be a lovely person! Good luck!

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