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Royal China

I love dim sum. Although I have no idea how to order it as I end up pointing wildly to pictures in menus and always seem to end up with either far too much food or not enough.

So when I visited Royal China in Baker Street a few days ago, I took my brother Ben with me as he is a Dim Sum Master. Which is a bit like being a Kung Fu Master but with more prawns.

Dad was also in town, so we convinced him (wasn’t hard) to come along for the fun too.

I’d been invited to try the new Bubble Pearl Tea Cocktails, which meant nothing to me until I saw them. Bubbles? Pearls? I had no idea. So as soon as we arrived, I ordered one.

The Taiwanese inspired mocktails, (although you can add something boozy if you fancy it) are made with fresh fruit and contain balls of delicious tapioca-like jelly balls nestled at the bottom of the glass. I could choose from mango, strawberry and passionfruit juices, to which large pop-in-your-mouth pearls would be added, in flavours of lychee, passionfruit and strawberry.

I chose mango with lychee pearls. And it was delicious.

Mango and lychee bubble pearl tea cocktail

Mango and lychee bubble pearl tea cocktail

The fruity pearls pop in your mouth like mini explosions – I’ve never had anything like it! Dad loved them – they’ve gone straight on his hit list. Along with soft boiled eggs and comfortable sandals.

Ben’s ordering was outstanding – food arrived in droves and just the right amount… (I hate over ordering – I can’t bear waste.)

Royal China Baker Street Royal China Baker Street Royal China Baker Street Royal China Baker Street Royal China Baker Street


Royal China Baker Street

I love jasmine tea…

Everything was fresh, fragrant and utterly delicious. We ate, we chatted and we drank copious amounts of jasmine tea… We also took in the Chinese New Year decorations – it certainly feels very festive in Royal China at the moment…

Royal China Baker Street Royal China Baker Street Royal China Baker Street

Royal China Baker Street

Royal China Baker Street

And then dessert…

Royal China Baker Street

Custard tarts – a must-have at Royal China

If you like Dim Sum, you will LOVE Royal China – they really know their stuff and it is my number one go-to place, when I hear the call of the dumpling.

This was the perfect way to bring in the Chinese New Year, which is this Thursday 19th February.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, all the Royal China restaurants will be offering guests the chance to experience one of the most powerful and entertaining traditions of the festivities – a live ‘Lion Dance’ which is thought to bring good luck. Which, if we’re honest, we all could do with a bit of, no?

There will be lion costumes (uh huh) atmospheric music, drums, cymbals and gongs… AND the lion will have a mirror on its head so that evil spirits will be frightened away by their own reflections. Boom!

The Lion Dance will take place at the following branches of Royal China at 7.30pm.

·         Baker Street: 20 February and 25 February 2015

·         Queensway: 23 February 2015

·         Canary Wharf: 24 February 2015

·         Harrow on the Hill: 27 February 2015

·         Fulham: 28 February 2015


Happy New Year everyone!

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Royal China Baker Street
40-42 BakerStreet, London W1U 7AJ
020 7486 3898



We were invited by Royal China for this delicious meal, in order that I could try their new bubble tea drinks. And if I hadn’t loved it, I wouldn’t have written about it.

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8 thoughts on “Bubbles & Pearls at Royal China

  1. Yum, I love dim sum! Those mocktails look amazing too. It’s always so nice to have non alcoholic options that are still tasty and unusual! How fun to see a Lion Dance as part of CNY celebrations too – I think that would be great! This place is definitely on my ‘where to go when I want dim sum’ list. Thanks Poppy!

  2. Hi Poppy, I’m in London next week and on the hunt for a good Dim Sum restaurant. I’ve been to Phoenix Palace on Baker Street before which is good, but I’ll definitely be trying Royal China after reading your great review. Thanks, GG xx

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