– Petal & Cycle –
90 minute Flower Delivery

Petal and Cycle

Oh why oh why OH WHY did I not think of this myself. It’s so clever. It’s so simple. It’s also guaranteed to bring smiles to faces all over London town.

Richa Bhalla recognised a floral shaped gap in the market and so launched
Petal & Cycle – a super smart little company, which deliver flowers by bicycle all over London in 90 minutes from placement of order. NINETY MINUTES. Those are some fast flowers. Speedy stems. Pacy petals. Brisk blooms.

I’ll stop now.

Petal and Cycle

Petal and Cycle

You can personalise your note…

Petal and Cycle

They come beautifully wrapped and presented…

Petal & Cycle

Petal & Cycle

Petal and Cycle

The Mimsee Bouquet with Pincushion Proteas

Petal & Cycle offer four different, stunning bouquet options each month, based on what’s fresh, blooming and vibrant in the market.. so there’s always something different to choose…

Petal & Cycle

Petal & Cycle

Oh, and there’s no additional delivery cost either.

It just gets better and better…

My beautiful (they really are beautiful) flowers were with me just after an hour after ordering them and they were delivered by a very friendly chap on his bike… so speedy.

So brilliant.

I love it. Mostly because when I next remember that I have forgotten that it’s someone’s birthday on the day of their birthday… I shall no longer break into a sweat of guilt but instead tap on my phone, pick a gorgeous bouquet and zip it over to them in a flowery flash.


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90 minute Flower Delivery

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