Christmas Flowers from Appleyard
and a Pot Luck Brunch

Appleyard London Flowers

I love receiving flowers at any time of the year – they are the one thing that can’t fail to make me feel happier than I already am… and if I’m feeling a bit blue, a beautiful bunch of vintage roses or simple tulips can have me smiling again and remembering what a lucky sausage I am..

So, this beautiful bouquet of flowers from Appleyard London were the perfect arrival last weekend, when a handful of lovely girly chums got together for a little celebration brunch party. There was much to celebrate – new babies, new housies, new chappies… so we all pitched in, in true pot luck style and contributed different kinds of deliciousnesses (yes, it is a word) to the table.

Lemon meringue tarts

Lemon meringue tarts…

Appleyard London Flowers

There were bagels and cream cheese and smoked salmon… and cakes and biscuits and cookies and crisps… and wine and elderflower fizz…and I also contributed these beautiful Gold Leaf flowers – straight from Appleyard’s Christmas flowers range…

This beautifully festive bouquet comprises of luxury avalanche roses with burgundy hypericum berries and gold cinerea eucalyptus, so it smells glorious too… (and I LOVE roses…)

Appleyard Flowers London

Although we were not celebrating Christmas, I couldn’t resist the gold leaves and red berries… perfect for getting us into the festive spirit. Appleyard London have kindly given me a discount code for you all to use, which will get you 40% off any of their luxury bouquets!**  Just enter BLOG40 at checkout

Appleyard London Flowers

Piles of freshly baked bagels from the deli round the corner...

Piles of freshly baked bagels from the deli round the corner…

Cream cheese

…and real deal cream cheese to smear all over them…

I decorated the table with gold stars and pink jellybeans..

I decorated the table with gold stars and pink jellybeans..

Appleyard London Flowers

Chocolate cake

A very decadent chocolate cake!

Appleyard London Flowers

Pot Luck meals don’t seem to be a ‘thing’ here in the UK, but I fell in love with them when I was over in New Zealand…

Pot Luck implies that you’re not sure what anyone’s going to bring, so it’s a bit of a gamble.. But, if you want to eliminate the element of surprise (and the risk that you might end up with 8 roast chickens) you can do what we did, which was to divvy up the bits and bobs beforehand, and pre-decide who brings what.

Cooking for a gaggle of friends can be very expensive, so next time you’re thinking of getting together, why not stay in and have a Pot Luck?

And if you do – why not treat yourself to a flower delivery from Appleyard London while you’re at it?

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** The only bouquets exempt from the discount is the Flowers By Post range.

Appleyard sent me this bouquet to review, and if I hadn’t loved it I wouldn’t have written about it.

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and a Pot Luck Brunch

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