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– Buy British on Button Lane –

Button Lane When I was small I used to play for hours with my mum’s button tin; Emptying them out onto the carpet, sorting them into colours, sizes and shapes…watching the light dance through the pearly ones and pretending the silver and gold ones were treasure…

Hours would go by and then I’d put them all back into the tin again, ready for the next time.

A land of buttons is my idea of paradise. No romantic sunsets, nor do I need an endless supply of Gingernuts. Nope, give me a pile of buttons to sort through any day of the week and I’ll be in Poppy heaven.

I was so delighted to discover Button Lane on Etsy and am proud to present them as my Etsy Crush for October, especially on ‘Buy British Day’ – what better way is there to support your economy, than buying your weight in buttons and rolling around on the floor in enormous piles of them?

Can’t think of one.

Button Lane 2

Wooden Flower Painted Buttons 15mm 2 holes Round White Wood Assorted

Button Lane 8

Reindeer Buttons – 15mm – 2 holes – Round Painted – White Wood

Button Lane 12

Yellow 23mm Resin Buttons

Button Lane 14

Button Lane is the dreamboat of Sara, who lives in Portsmouth and is “mad about buttons.”

Her Etsy shop is bursting full of buttons of every size, shape and colour you can imagine. Wooden buttons, resin buttons, acrylic buttons… buttons with dots on, deer on and doodles on… if you have a button addiction, STAY AWAY.

Button Lane 3

Large Flower Buttons – 25mm – Round Natural Wood

Button Lane 11

Wooden Tree printed buttons 20mm – natural wood

Button Lane 4

Retro candy pink buttons

Button Lane 6

Button Lane 9

Floral Wood 15mm painted natural wood buttons



She does her very best to source the very best buttons and unique designs that you wouldn’t usually find in your local craft store… and she lists new styles most days so if you haven’t found the ultimate finishing touch for your newly knitted cardi, then you know where to go.

Her shop has also expanded to sell other crafty bits, including Character grosgrain and satin ribbon, findings, cabochons, beads, appliques and other things I don’t understand but I’m sure you will.

I so loved mooching around Sara’s Etsy shop and if you have a spare few minutes and want to indulge in a spot of button mania (I have goosebumps) then pop over to her shop and knock yourself out.

I should mention that this is Button LANE, not Button Moon. Button Moon was something very different and involved a chap called Mr Spoon. Just to avoid all confusion.


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– Buy British on Button Lane –

  1. Really really like these- but- is there- does she have- a Physical shop too? That would be great! lmk, cheers :)

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