– Brunch at Barnyard –
Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia

Barnyard London

Oh, howdy.

Last Saturday morning I was VERY excited as I was heading with LM to Barnyard – the latest venture from Mr Ollie Dabbous – the ingenious chap behind Dabbous, and who seems to be able to do amazing and rather ground breaking things with the simplest of ingredients. Like carrots*.

*No offence to carrots. I love carrots. They were just the first thing that sprung to mind.

Barnyard London

The walls are made of corrugated iron…

Barnyard London

The signature white picket fence is inside and outside…

Barnyard London

Barnyard London

The tables are stripped wooden planks and we were sitting on oil drums…

So I suspected Barnyard was going to be special, but something deep in my soul told me to NOT dress up in my Oklahoma outfit. And despite all my inner urgings, pigtails were also not donned by me. Nor by LM.

Barnyard London

The MOST delicious Virgin Mary

The thing about Barnyard is, it’s super special DELICIOUS food, disguised on the menu as something you might expect to find at your local caff – Steak and Eggs, Tomatoes on Toast, Full English etc…. But HOLD ON one cotton picking second, (that actually works well here – result) there is something exceptional going on here…

Barnyard London

Smoked salmon, soft boiled duck egg, green asparagus and chervil – £11

Barnyard London

Avocado on toast, loveage and mint – £4

Barnyard London

Black pudding, chorizo, potato and onion hash, topped with a fried egg – £7

Barnyard London

Summer berries and ripe figs, strained Greek yoghurt and homemade granola – £6

The problem was, we wanted to order everything on the menu. Had we had any room left we’d have most certainly gone for the Warm Acorn Flour Waffles, Maple Syrup & Smoked Butter… but we didn’t, so it will have to wait until next time.

Barnyard London Barnyard London Barnyard London

Barnyard London Barnyard London

I was also desperate to try their amazing sounding smoothies and shakes – Blueberry Pancake Shake, anyone? (With or without bourbon…) And they’ve gone to town on their shandy menu too, but really – 11:30am is too soon, surely. Surely?

Barnyard London

Barnyard on Charlotte Street

Barnyard London

This is fantastic and simple food, with wonderful flavours at affordable prices – I loved it and will certainly be back with pals in tow.

There is a no bookings policy and it is teeny tiny, so definitely be prepared to wait for a table… however, saying that there was no queue when we arrived (11:30am on Saturday morning) and there was a constant stream of happily seated customers after us as well…

See you there – I’ll be the one with a cowboy hat and a popcorn shake.

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12 thoughts on “– Brunch at Barnyard –
Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia

  1. This all looks yummy! I’m trying to work out whether I’ve walked past this before or not..! Got a bit of a craving for that smoked salmon and dug egg dish now I have to say! :)


    1. It is quite well hidden – I think I may have walked right past it had I not been looking out for it… just keep your eyes peeled for a white picket fence!

  2. This looks amazing, brunch is my far my favourite time to eat out. When we come into London we normally eat friends at The Breakfast Club, which is a little bit hyped up but also is exceptionally yummy. May have to give this place a go next time I am in town- perhaps that could be our date? And a Blueberry Pancake Shake sounds AMAZING!

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