Think You’ve Had Breakfast in Bed?
Oh, Really.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is always such a treat, no matter how it arrives or is assembled. I usually clamber downstairs in my pyjamas, put knives in butter, teabags in mugs and emerge triumphantly with slightly burnt, marmite smothered toast, strong tea and orange juice. If I’d remembered to buy it. And it’s lovely.

But something happened last week to change all of this. A real game changer. Last weekend occurred the treat to end all treats – proper, real, BREAKFAST breakfast in bed. Delivered. By people who know how to make an excellent breakfast. Who don’t burn toast. And who also have organic oat cereal pots, fresh coffee, gluten free granola, porridge, bacons butties and New York pancakes cooked to perfection. And who bring it to you on a Vespa. And, who are called, most aptly, Breakfast in Bed.

Breakfast in Bed

Lightly toasted smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, lemon & dill

Breakfast in Bed

New York pancakes (delicious homemade NY pancakes topped with loads of fruit & lashings of our orange zest maple syrup)

Breakfast in Bed

Fresh orange juice and Green Juice – almond milk, avocado, manuka honey

Breakfast in Bed is a weekend breakfast delivery service, based in Ladbroke Grove, which is where it all started…each weekend the now owners who used to share a flat, debated long and hard about whose turn it was to get breakfast….and after dragging themselves out of bed one too many times, they decided that enough was enough.

They now deliver fresh, homemade deliciousness to people snuggled up under their cosy duvets all over W10 and W11.

Our delivery arrived, I popped the bagel onto a plate and the rest I just took upstairs in the brown paper bag, complete with cutlery, napkins and two steaming white Americanos…  I got back under the duvet, LM wrestled with the radio (radio 6, thank you) and before we knew it we were dining in style. IN BED.

Breakfast in bed

Greek yoghurt with gluten free cranberry & nut granola and berry compote

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Very nutty honey and nut granola

Breakfast in Bed 1

Breakfast in Bed have thought of everything, from how you like your coffee to your favourite newspaper – they’ve got it. Their food comes in easy-to-eat-out-of recyclable pots (no crumbs in the bed) and it’s, most importantly, very, very delicious.

They currently deliver to W10 and W11, but are looking to expand, so Breakfast in Bed may be coming to your corner of the world faster than you think… keep your eyes peeled for their signature white vespa and if you’re lucky, you might be able to sneakily swipe a pain au chocolate off the back…

Oh, and if you are lucky enough to live where their little vespa zips to, just enter POPPYLOVESBREAKFAST at checkout for a 25% discount off your first order.**

Don’t say I never give you anything.


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8 thoughts on “Think You’ve Had Breakfast in Bed?
Oh, Really.

  1. What a wonderful idea! Everything looks so delicious, I want in!! I’m so glad to have found your blog, it’s gorgeous! Followed!

    Yasmeen xx

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