Twitter Chats: a schedule
(and an explanation)

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If you are new to Twitter, or even if you’ve been there a while, you may have heard the term ‘Twitter Chat’ being banded about a bit… and if you haven’t been feeling brave enough to ask “WHAT IS THIS TWITTER CHAT THING I KEEP HEARING ABOUT?” Then let me defug it for you right now. (Is defug a word? You know what I mean.)

First things first, you are going to need to know what a hashtag is. (Mum, stop hiding behind the Telegraph – I promise it’s not scary.)

What is a hashtag?

We use hashtags (#) on social media, to help us identify the subject matter of a message. For example, there is a great deal of Twittering in Twitterdom when the Great British Bake Off is on television. So, for all those who are interested in joining in this mass ‘conversation’ and are interested in seeing what everyone else is saying about this topic.. we all collectively use this hashtag: #GBBO. (Try clicking this link – you’ll see what I mean.)

So, when you search for this hashtag on Twitter, all the tweets about this topic will come up in one go and you can scroll through them to your heart’s content and laugh at all the jokes about soggy bottoms.

When a hashtag becomes very popular, it means lots of people are using it all at the same time… which often leads to it ‘trending’. So next time you hear someone say that #DowntownAbbey is trending on Twitter – you’ll know why and not feel silly. You might even feel like a bit of a smartypants.

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a scheduled public Twitter conversation (everyone can see it) around one unique hashtag (see above for my hashtag explanation.) This hashtag allows us all to follow the discussion and participate in it.

They are great for building connections with other people an bloggers with similar interests, (#beautybabble = a chat about all things beauty related) or those in similar situations (#pbloggers = Parent Bloggers).

Twitter chats are usually recurring (sometimes even twice a week) and on specific topics to help us all regularly connect with others with these interests. Like cake. And Ryan Gosling.

When are the Twitter Chats?

I have put together a list of some of the twitter chats I’m already aware of below – many of them are relevant to me and my blog so have often been very useful. There are hundreds of different Twitter Chats happening all over the world at different times during the week, so do have a hunt online and see if you can dig out the ones most relevant to you and what you’re doing.

And if you can’t find one, why not start your own?

The timings are correct (I think!) at the time of this post being published, but if you know of a change or would like to add your own Twitter Chat or another one you know of, please drop me a line and let me know and I’ll add it to the Twitter Chat Schedule below.

One last thing, if you do end up following a few different chats and want to keep your eye on your own home feed and mentions at the same time, there are a few different Twitter Chat tools you could look into, such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck (which I use.) It means you can follow different searches and feeds at the same time, without feeling as though your head is going to pop off into space.

I do hope this has been helpful.

As always, if you have any questions please do drop me a line or leave me a comment below. I’m here to help!

Happy chatting…


Poppy Loves - a London Lifestyle Blog





(All times are UK)




#CREATIVEBIZHOUR – Creative chat – 8pm – 9pm

#BDIB – ‘Bloggers do it Better’ – 7pm – 8pm

#FBLOGGERS – Fashion blogger chat – 8pm – 9pm

#HEALTHYSELVES – Chat about being and getting healthy – 8pm – 9pm

#MHMONDAY – Chat about mental health – 8pm – 9pm

#BEAUTYBABBLE – Chat about all things beauty – 8pm – 9pm

#IRISHBLOGGERS – Irish Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle bloggers – 8.30pm – 9.30pm




#CRAFTBLOGCLUB – For all craft bloggers – 7pm – 8pm

#BOOKBLOGGERS – Author, book and literary chat for all book bloggers – 7pm – 8pm

#FBLCHAT – Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger chat – 7pm – 8pm

#SBNChat – Scottish Blogger Network Chat – 6pm – 7pm

#MYBCHAT – PR, networking and how to best market your blog – 7pm – 8pm

#UKBLOGTALK – General blogging chat – 8pm – 9pm

#BLOGHOUR – General bloggers chat – tips, advice and ideas – 9pm – 10pm

#TWEETURSIS – A chat about promoting small businesses for women – 9pm – 10pm




#LBLOGGERS – Chat for Lifestyle bloggers – 7pm – 8pm

#STYLECHAT – All things fashion and style – 8pm – 9pm

#BBOE – ‘Blogging Bit Of Everything’ – all things blogging – 9pm – 10pm

#BBLOGGERS – Beauty blogger chat – 8pm – 9pm




#BLOGGERSPACE – Chat for all bloggers wherever you are – 7pm – 8pm

#FBLOGGERS – Fashion blogger chat – 8pm – 9pm

#CFBLOGGERS – Chat for cruelty free beauty bloggers – 8pm – 9pm

#MONETISEMYBLOG – Tips and advice on monetising your blog – 8pm – 9pm

#VLOGGERSCHAT – Chat for the vlogging community – 8pm – 9pm

#30PLUSBLOGS – Chat for the over 30s, various topics – 8pm – 9pm



#BDIB – ‘Bloggers do it Better’ – 7pm – 8pm

#BEAUTYCHAT – General chat about all things beauty – 6pm – 7pm

#MBLOGCHAT – A chat for mum bloggers – 8pm – 9pm


#SOCIALBLOGGERS – General chat for all bloggers – 6pm – 7pm



#30SBLOGGERS – Chat for bloggers in their 30s – 9pm – 10pm

#LBLOGGERS – Chat for Lifestyle bloggers – 7pm – 8pm

#BBLOGGERS – Beauty bloggers chat, with a topic you can vote on – 8pm – 9pm

#PSBLOGGERS – Plus size bloggers chat – 9pm – 10pm

#PBLOGGERS – Parent Bloggers chat – 9 – 10pm


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24 thoughts on “Twitter Chats: a schedule
(and an explanation)

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so useful! Thank you! I’ve just started blogging properly and have no idea how twitter really works so this is invaluable (and also sounds a lot of fun!). So pleased to have found your beautiful blog :)

  2. Thanks for featuring #CraftBlogClub (I’m the founder) – we start at 7pm on a Tuesday! Lovely to be mentioned! x

  3. I took part in my first twitter chat the other day and through it, I managed to get an invitation to the bloggers festival event! I found the whole twitter chat really stressful (so many people talking at once! so fast paced!), but obviously they help with networking and stuff, so I can’t complain!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. Well done Candy – the first one can always be a bit confusing! It will start to get much easier and you’ll be chatting away in no time! Try downloading Tweetdeck or Hootsuite as they make great tools for Twitter chatting…

  4. This is brilliant! I have been looking for somewhere that had a list of the majority of the Twitter chats and this has been really helpful, thanks! x

  5. hi Poppy. apology it is a lot delayed to make comments here to say big Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. i am a new blogger, only started mine few days ago, luckily, i found yours. What a wonderful blog, beautiful words, beautiful pictures. i love pictures, like you said a picture can tell a thousand words! Thanks very much for sharing and love your blog! xiaofei :) x

  6. Great post and love the schedule!
    Would love a travel bloggers or culture bloggers chat – will have to look into starting one if there isn’t one around already!

  7. Hello! Any chance you can add #pbloggers chat. It’s been running for 3 years on a Sunday night 9-10pm for parent bloggers.

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