How do I get more blog followers?
– Top Tips –

Since I started blogging, I have been asked countless times how to get more followers. How, how, HOW DO I GET MORE FOLLOWERS, POPPY? 

So, I thought I would write a little post with some useful tips I’ve picked up along the way – most of which may sound like common sense to many of you and possibly these are things you’ve been doing for a long while already… But for those of you who are just starting out in the blogosphere, I hope you find this useful and please shout with any questions. If I know the answer, I’ll shout right back.

1. Followers are real people. Real people with real brains and real personalities. So don’t forget that your content needs to be engaging and fresh so that your real-people-followers will read it and then want to share it. So before you start to worry about how you are going to promote your blog, make sure your content is top notch.. and this may take some work, but that’s fine! You’re not here for a quick shortcut fix, now are you?

2. Create your brand. If you hadn’t realised it already, You Are A Brand. Yip. You you you important little you. The language you choose, the font you use, your tone of voice and your style of photography all represent you and your brand across all the corners of the sparkly tinternet. It means your followers can recognise you and your style instantly.. and consistency is key… no Jeckyll and Hydey stuff pleasey – you’ll lose your readers at ‘hello’.

Branding is something which confuses a lot of people, but don’t tangle yourself up in a knot, just remember that it is all about how you want people to feel about you and your blog.. And if you feel like you need a bit of help in this department, get in touch with these chaps. They’re good and love working with the little people. Like you and me. Blogging tips
3. Be social: Facebook. Set up a Facebook page for your blog and post your blog updates there. Don’t forget to make it nice and easy for your readers to link to it and ‘like’ it directly from your blog too. Gathering ‘likes’ is a great way to promote your blog as when someone likes your Facebook page it will usually show up in all of their Facebook friends’ news feeds… and if it sparks their interest they’ll nip over to your blog and maybe even become a loyal and regular reader. Hurruh! Here’s how to install the Facebook ‘like button’ for WordPress and Blogger.

Come and interact with me on Facebook and practise your new skills…

4. Be social: Twitter. This is an incredible tool for reaching out and interacting with others. There is an etiquette with Twitter, as no one likes spam or a constant stream of links – that is one sure way to lose followers. The trick with Twitter is being consistent, interacting, being personal and supporting other people you like – retweet (RT) posts you agree with and enjoy. It will be appreciated and often reciprocated, leading to more interaction and more followers. Ding! Again, make a link to your Twitter account super easy to find from your blog. No one wants to have to hunt for anything. (We’re busy people, you know).

Come and interact with me on Twitter and practise your new skills…

5. Be social: Pinterest. This is one of my favourite things in the world. A online pinboard on which you can pin everything you like, for everyone to see and share? And it’s free? Really? It is almost too good to be true. And again, you can link straight back to your Pinterest page from your blog – here’s how to install the ‘follow button’ for your pleasure. Every new pin can be posted in real time back to your Twitter and Facebook pages too… it’s powerful. Kaboom.

Come and interact with me on Pinterest and practise your new skills…

6. Comment on other blogs. And I don’t mean ‘Me-me-me-and-here’s-a-link-to-my-blog’ comments, I mean thoughtful, authentic and considered real comments. It will be appreciated. I always visit the blog of a reader who’s left me a lovely comment and usually reciprocate in kind… the blogging world is a great community, so jump right in and get involved!

7. Invite your readers to share your posts. Share, share, share. It’s all about sharing your content and reaching out to potential new lovely followers. Your job is to make this as easy peasy for them as possible and one way of doing this is by including a simple set of social media share buttons at the end of each of your posts. If you want more buttons than are offered by your blogging platform, then have a look at ‘add this‘ or ‘share this‘ for some more snazzy options.

8. Write a guest post. First you need to think about the kind of people that would want to read your blog and then hunt high and low for other blogs who attract a similar kind of Demographic. (Fancy word). Once you’ve found some, contact their owners and offer to write a guest post, or even better, feature on their blogs. Try to find blogs with a higher readership than yours and you should find you’re able to tempt some of their readers over to your own blog with your excellent writing skills.

9. Analyse and learn. Let’s talk about Google Analytics. (DON’T PANIC.) They are very easy to set up and once you have them in place, you will be doing crazy happy 80’s dancing, like they do in Footloose. You will be able to see who is looking at your blog, what country they’re from, how long they stayed on your blog, what they searched for in order to arrive at your blog and which posts are your most popular. This information is like gold dust to folk like you and me and it means we can learn and adapt accordingly. Google Analytics will become your best friend and you will love it forever and ever. When it comes to tools which help you learn about your readership and grow your blog to be the best blog it can be, Google Analytics is the mothership.

10. Take great photographs. “A picture tells a thousand words…” It’s TRUE. If your picture is a bit weak and ‘meh,’ you risk losing your reader before they’ve even read one word. Don’t forget that it’s your picture which will accompany your post’s link wherever you place it, so try to make sure your photos are strong, dynamic and that you love every pic you post. Don’t worry, you don’t need a fancy camera –  there are plenty of very cheap and clever photo apps around to make even the simplest of mobile phone snaps look like you’re David Bailey. I usually use Istagram, but Afterglow and VSCO are also favourites among many bloggers… so get snapping.

Come and interact with me on Instagram and practise your new skills…

I really hope this has been helpful – there are many other clever little tricks of the trade which will get your blog flying, but I think 10 tips is enough for now… (especially as you should really keep blog posts quite short as most people don’t want to wade through realms of information.. In fact, um, are you still here..?

p.s. Come and connect with me on Snapchat and also make sure your blog is live and kicking on BlogLovin’ – it’s a great way to pick up new readers and find other bloggers to inspire you… I’m there, are you?


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334 thoughts on “How do I get more blog followers?
– Top Tips –

    1. I used to have a blackberry and Photo Studio was very good on there, but I think you have to make an account and be connected to the internet to use it but it is good, look around on the appstore though because you can get good free ones but a lot of them only do the simple things unless you upgrade to a payed version. Abbi x

  1. Hi Poppy,
    Great post with really good, achievable tips. I’m working on my blog at the moment, I want to put some really energy and effort into making it and interesting place for people to stop by and read so I’m soaking up every bit of info I find at the moment!
    Thanks, Gabrielle

    1. Hi Gabrielle, so glad you found my post useful and great news that you’re putting so much effort and thought into your new blog! Good luck and I look forward to seeing it!

  2. I find it hard to promote myself, I worry that I may come across a bit showy offy.
    These tips are top notch. I am going to go over my blog with a fine tooth comb and see where things need to change.
    Good post. X

    1. I completely understand, but don’t worry about being showy-offy – if your comment is genuine and you’re authentically connecting, people will WANT to read your blog!

      Keep on, Betty and thank you for the thumbs up ;-)

  3. The first point is soo true. Followers are real people, usually really awesome people, hence the wonderful blog community. I’ve blogged on and off for years on various platforms, but never really stuck to it. I keep getting back into it, I think, because it’s really fun to connect to so many different and interesting people. Great post. I’ll be reading :)

  4. Thank you so much for these helpful tips. I still think I’ve got a way to go to on my content but hopefully practice will make perfect on that front and I can tick off the other top tips in the meantime : D

  5. I really need to blog more often. I had more traffic when I blogged almost everyday and not once a week!
    I also found adding posts to Stumble bought a bit of new traffic.
    I’m not self hosted on WP so can’t use Google Analytics.

  6. Thankyou, really helpful tips…i just start my blog a few days ago, any words of wisdom for an absolute beginner? i really enjoyed reading your blog btw x

    1. Don’t be frightened about starting.. it’s the hardest thing to do sometimes as it can feel very overwhelming.. but you learn by doing. So jump in!

  7. Hi Poppy, I’ve just started a blog, so this has been so so helpful! It’s so lovely to see that the more experienced are so happy to help the newbies! There is still so much for me to learn, thank you! xxx

  8. Alohaaa!
    I started a blog a matter of hours ago, and needless to say I was, and still am, clueless! So, so glad I’ve found this post, I think it’s gonna help me out a lot! Thank you so much :) xx

  9. Glad I have just discovered your blog! I love the layout it’s so pretty!
    Thank you for some great tips :)
    Have a nice day!
    Zara x

  10. Thank you so much Poppy!!
    It was very useful and interesting.
    I started my blog this January but I feel like a need more a “bloggers group”.. for the moment people reading it are more my friends from Facebook! ;)
    I don’t use Google Analytics, I probably should.. sounds so difficult though ;/
    Thanks again for sharing these info! :D

    Carolina Xxx

  11. Thank you for this post – it is really helpful! I love your photos – I too am a huge Carrie Bradshaw fan! :)
    I’ve just followed – thank you!
    Steph xoxo

  12. Great post poppy, And thanks i have been stuck on 17 followers for god knows how long and it can get a little deflating. But i have to remember i do, do it for me and if people like then thats GREAT!!! lol. Keep up the lovely posts Oh and happy birthday love the flowers you got from debenhams.


    1. Thank you Jade – so pleased it helped you remember why you blog.. it’s easy to forget when we get bamboozled by the followers numbers game ;-)

  13. Thanks, this helped me so much. You have no idea. I feel so lost without followers. Like no one is hearing me at all. I look at the millions of other blogs out there and think “how am I going to get to where they are?”. I know it takes time and effort. Which I am willing to put in 100%. This post just reminded me that it isn’t easy to get started.

    Thank-you! :D

  14. These tips were very helpful. I’ve been trying to start a blog but have no idea where to start at getting myself out there! Very clear and lovely to read :)

  15. Thankyou ever so much for this fantastic and comprehensive list of ideas and tips ~ we are still so new to this, and you have inspired us! Particularly setting up google analytics, and shall try it at once! xxx The Dulcettes ~ ~ (we are an abstract experience blog – the secret tips and favourite places of an effervescent cosmopolite) ~ xxx

  16. This was really helpful. I’m new to all this blogging malarky so I’ve been trying to find different ways to increase my followers.
    These are really good tips :)
    Thank you x

  17. Hi Poppy,

    Thank you for this post, always end up giving up on my blogs but determined to see this one through! This post is really helpful and it means I’ve stumbled across another great blog too (yours)!

  18. Well I’m glad I came across this post, for a newbie to blogging like myself it’s so helpful and such great advice. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wondering how you get followers, I no I’m new to the blogging world so will be a while before I get followers but I’m definitely going to follow your hints and tips.

    Great blog too, I’m now going to follow :)
    Kayla xx

  19. Hi Poppy! (what an adorable name!)
    I have just discovered your blog!
    I love everything about it, especially the vintage bit!
    You’re too creative, i just went through your posts for inspiration!
    Thank you for the tips! x

    Nessie <3

  20. A great help thank you, i have done the first few things then got stuck as to where to go next but this is very inspiring thank you again
    best wishes

  21. Hey Poppy,

    I love your blog so much and I’ve only just started mine (today)!These are all great tips, but I’m not really looking for tons of followers, my blog is going to (eventually) be a kind of personal journey towards a goal and I would really like it if my efforts would inspire others to take on similar journeys. I just don’t know if anyone will get to read it! Will people even be interested?

    Thanks anyway though for this post, and for your creativity and your own inspiration!


  22. Thanks for the amazing tips! I will put them to great use, as I am just starting out as a blogger, you have some really useful stuff\!

  23. your page is absolutely gorgeous! I loved this post, may I ask, how do you get the cute little icons on the side of your page? :) x

  24. Nice one Poppy, I left a post a couple of weeks ago when my blog was 2 weeks old, and I had like 14 followers, now I have about 130 after a month, so it’s getting a tiny bit better. I still have no idea how many I SHOULD have by now though. Follows seem to have tailed off in the last week despite me writing everyday. Any tips?

  25. Thanks for the tips, I was encouraged to start my blog by my sister and now I’m so glad I did. I never really know if anyone is liking it or even reading it, but I love having my blog! :)

  26. Hi Poppy!
    Thank you so much for the tips, I’ll try.
    I just started make this blog for 5days, I AM SO NEW. I got confused sometimes, can you please let me know where to get good templates, and other helping article? Thank you so much dear :)

  27. I stumbled upon this post when I was searching for something else to help develop my new blog. I love all the links you have put in as well which were all really helpful! Thanks :)

  28. Absolutely clueless about Blogger! Originally had Tumblr but it’s too… ‘picturey’ < this is a word now. ;) This has been a massive help on getting started. :)

  29. Hi poppy,

    I liked your tips. It has been a while since I was searching for techniques to increase traffic to my blog and I found yours are good. The only one I am experiencing troubles with is the photography part. My blog is a technical blog so it is not always easy to find or create good photos for my content.


  30. Poppy thank you!!! This blog post was really helpful, I literally started my blog a week ago and I’m loving it, but I’m sure it would be a lot more fun if I had followers..:) I have gotten a twitter account and tried to promote myself and I’m going to check out bloglovin, somone suggested to me that I should advertise on google but I’m not sure if that’s the way to go and I’m guessing it’s not cheap! Could I ignore being active on Facebook as I find it totally confusing? I wish I got on the blogging world earlier, I’m finding it to be so much fun!! xx maddie

  31. Very helpful tips! Thank you!! I’ve been going down the list,ticking things off as i go! Haha :) this has also been great to find new blogs to follow!
    I have a baking blog in its baby steps and am workin on the branding!x

  32. This is so helpful thank you Poppy. The thing I love about the blogging community is how helpful and supportive everyone is – even down to helping newbie bloggers get more followers. How fantastic. Love your blog :) x

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    Boonya of the arty wardrobe

  34. I’ve just started a blog and this is really helpful information! Thankyou so much! xx

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  35. this is beyond helpful, it can be so intimidating to start but i guess this is a start! thank you, and her goes my first thing off this list!

  36. great tips poppy I will take them all on board. I love the style of your blog, the beautiful design, I wish I was tech savvy enough to create such an awesome blog. Though the contents in my blog are great even if I do say so myself ! I set up a small charity helping the homeless, please have a read and let me know what you think ! Theres also a lot of travel posts on there as i travel a lot.

    Im going to look through the rest of your blog now as I love london and im always there

    I’d love it if you follow me and leave some comments :)

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  41. I know this is an old post, but I just recently joined Bloglovin and came across this during a Google search on how to get more followers. I haven’t used my Twitter in forever, but I’m going to look for some other bloggers on it tomorrow and try to reach out to people! Thank you for your help :)

  42. Such useful hints and tips. I’m currently attempting to delve into the blogging world and it’s quite daunting but these tips have helped make some things clearer :-) x

  43. I’m just starting out with blogging and these are by far the best and easiest to follow tips I’ve found so far. Clear and to the point, can’t wait to put some of these into practice. Thank you ! x

  44. Thank you so much for posting this Poppy. I’ve just started out in the blogging world and this information is invaluable, my favourite being about Google Analytics!

    Thank you!


  45. Thank you Poppy! I’ve just about started my blog so I’m a complete newbie, eek. Totally needed these tips, thank you x :)


  46. Thank you for this post Poppy, I’ve been reading a few articles about how to build up your blog. I’m really new to this and have only just started getting myself into blogging regularly, but because of this I have been rushing blog posts to get more content. I will start to think more quality rather than quantity!! I have found myself getting a few blogger twitter friends, but not so much following my blog, so I will follow your advice closely :o) x

  47. Hey poppy, this advice is so helpful as I’m a new blogger and need quite a bit of help! this was the first time I’ve stumbled over your blog and I’m really enjoying it I’m gonna go and read some more of you perfect posts! Thank you for your help and advice! -x-

  48. This is a great post, Poppy, thanks for the tips. I have just started a blog and want to gain some followers other than my friends, now that I’ve produced some content. I will definitely bear this post in mind, thanks again!

    Becky x

  49. I found this blogpost really helpfull. I’ll definitely try to keep some of these things in mind next time I write a blogpost. Thank you.
    Xoxo Nathalie

  50. Very helpful, thank you!! Much more understandable and interesting than the other techy kind of blogs that seem to explain this sort of stuff in the most xonfusing wat possible!!

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    This is my blog If you would like to check it out :) x

  52. I’ve just come across this and these tips are really helpful since I’ve recently decided to take blogging seriously and stay consistent with it. Your blog is amazing, Poppy!

  53. So so useful- I am constantly wondering how to get other people to read my blog- as sometimes it has become like a diary just for myself, which is lovely too! But not the principal reason for my blog haha!

  54. Hi Poppy thank you so much for this! It will help me a lot. In the summer I started my blog and have tried to keep it consistent however haven’t gained any followers so these tips really are a life saver thank you so much!
    Kyra xx

  55. Hello!

    This was a really useful post, thank you so much! I just came across it in my internet searches but am definitely going to stick around and read some of your other posts!
    Thanks again! xxx

  56. Thank you very much, this seems to be very good advice. After struggling with 100.000 different posts on how to get people to notice your blog etc. I think, this is the most helpful one! As a noob I’m always struggling with all these things you should worry about :D But I’ll give it a try! Thank you! (If there are any grammar mistakes – I’m sorry, english isn’t my mother tongue haha)

  57. Wonderful tips i am a bit clueless to blogging at the minute but looking forward to trying these tips. This has to be the most helpful I have read so far.

    So Thank you :)

  58. Thank you so so much! Honestly this was so helpful and there were so many little things that I didn’t even think about doing! I love your blog, thank you for the tips x

  59. I absolutely loved this post! It was so easy to read and the layout was perfect. I also enjoyed how you didn’t use such big words to make it seem like I was reading a report xx Love it ♥

  60. Cheers for this post. Was pretty much the first thing that came up on google when I was researching how to “spread the blog word”. Obviously a) a lot of people need this info and b) found this post helpful. Just followed you on Bloglovin’.
    Thanks Poppy x

  61. Love the post, your blog is so well thought out, and I love the vintage feel. Curretly trying to gain more followers and this was very helpful. Going to follow you on Bloglovin in a minute. X

  62. Thanks so much for all the advice – I’ve just started a blog and feel completely clueless! I have bookmarked this article and will be referring to it a LOT!
    Thanks so much
    Lucy x

  63. I really like what you mentioned about the blogging world, its a great community. Sincere comments where you can tell that the reader actually read what you had to say are really great and will be appreciated. I also like how you mentioned photography as an important aspect. Photos are really great attention grabbers. Whenever I read a post I am instantly drawn to the photos. Thank you for sharing these great tips.

  64. Hi poppy and others who are reading,
    I am a newbie blogger who would love to recieve and exchange tips on blogging also If you follow my blog then I gurantee you I will follow your blog too instantly thank you xx p.s please comment if you follow :)

  65. hi poppy and others that are reading,

    I love your blog poppy and the elegant refined taste of it.I am a newbie blogger who would love to exchange and recieve tips and exchange tips and expertise so please follow my blog
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    Paige’s places xx

  66. This was a really interesting post! It was the first link I clicked on and I’m glad I found it. Thank you so much for all of these tips – I can’t wait to use them!

  67. I’ve just started my own blog and these tips have been super dooper helpful! I love your blog and it’s now firmly in my top bookmarked web pages.

  68. Hi Poppy,

    I fell in love with your blog instantly! I wanted to ask you how you felt when you started blogging and had less followers? Because you see, I love blogging and writing in general but sometimes when I look at other blogs with a lot of followers I get discouraged. Should I let that happen? Or do you think the key is to be patient and follow your above advice as I did just start not too long ago

    Kind regards,

    P.S. Continue with the way you are, I love the fact that it is your personality that is shown in these posts :)

  69. Hello Poppy, I’ve not long started my blog, which is a bit of everything, so I have found this post really informative. Also, I love your blog and look forward to reading more! :)

  70. Great tips poppy! i’m new in the bloggers world and it does sound a bit exhausting to think about everything. I don t know how printerest works, how to get more followers on instagram and in general. Do you have easier and more specific tips for beginners like me? How did you get your first followers? I feel like the beginning is so hard! Thank you so much!


  71. Hi Poppy! Just wanted to thank you for such a brilliant post, full of exactly the kind of advice I was looking for right now. I’ve had my website for a long time and I’ve switched from blogger to Weebly to, finally, a self-hosted WordPress site so I kind of feel like I’m starting from scratch. At least it enables me to I’m re-invent it into a lifestyle blog (not just about my books this time). It’s exciting times for me but hard work. Thanks again for your advice. It is very much appreciated :) x

  72. Awesome advice, Poppy. I am brand spanking new to the blogging game and this answers a lot of my questions! Been wondering how to get the hundreds of people (according to Google+ stats) that have read it to actually comment and follow! Really appreciate the advice x

  73. great article. I am new to the blogging world and a first time mama and this is helping me find inspiration for my business and blog. So thanks ;)

  74. Love these tips! Finding them super helpful as I’ve just started a blog, been looking about for a bit of advice but its all just written dull and boring to read or all far too technical for me. This is straight to the point and friendly.

    Shona xo

  75. Hi Poppy,

    I’m aware I’m 2.5 years behind on this post (apologies) but it’s still so so helpful! Thanks so much :)
    Will definitely try to follow your advice!
    Hannah Xx

  76. Thanks for the post found it really helpful yet not patronising. For me my blogs gets the views but not the followers but it is early days Ive only been blogging for a month so it is something I am trying to improve.

  77. Thanks for this! Great article. Will definitely follow these tips :D You’ve helped me get into Google Analytics too – I signed up a few weeks ago, and it frightened me away! But reading this and going back to it, I’ve realised it’s no where near as scary as I thought it was!

  78. Ah my dear, thanks so much for sharing! I think nowadays it’s even harder to gain new followers :( Do you have any tips how to attract more people to follow your blog on bloglovin?

    Best Michaela

  79. This is such a great post Poppy. I’m glad I came across this advice a few days before launching my new blog. Treating your readers as real people who want to get to know our own personalities is so important! Looking forward to more Poppy Loves posts and blogging at my end.

  80. Fantastic read, it’s great when bloggers hare tips. I’m very new at all of this and the one thing I’ve learnt is that you have to be yourself that’s what people find interesting. We all have different personalities and layers to us, do it for the love of it not for the glory

    1. Thank you for this starter guide, indeed very helpful for me and other fellows to improve my travel blog. I have been reading a lot of this and found yours to be detailed and direct. I have been concerned as my traffic isn’t improving but I kept telling myself to be patient and decided to make some more research for other solutions. Well, patience is a virtue after all. many thanks!

  81. Some methods are better than others, but the only way you’ll figure out which is best for you is to try! Good list – and once someone’s tried all these methods, they should be sticking to the ones that work best for them :)

  82. ThankYou for providing me with so many wonderful and beneficial tips for the world of blogging! I have only just started out and already your tips and pointers have helped me want to create a better and more exciting blog. I’m hoping to gain as much from my blog as you do from yours and any other advice you’re able to give would really be appreciated.

    Love G X

  83. Dear Poppy! Thank you so much for the useful article! I have been looking for these tips for a long time. I just started my own blog. And this article is what I needed! Have a nice and lovely day!

  84. What brilliant advice! And a blogsite that has me salivating, it’s so slick and gorgeous! I’ve only just started and now it feels as though I’ve a mountain to climb but thanks so much!

  85. Love this post, just what I needed as i’ve just started blogging but didnt really know how to get it “out there”. Time to set up social media sites thank you xx

  86. Sorry but I disagree with you. Do you know the figures for how many blogs, websites there are out there today? Not thousands, not hundreds of thousands….millions. Every man and there dog has a blog these days. We are so overloaded with information that it is difficult to keep up with everything.

    In regards to “standing out” it doesn’t matter how great your content it, how snazzy your photos are, how many times per day you are pushing your content through all your social media channels, how many videos you have made, or how many blogs you contrive to – none of that matters if no one sees you.

    How are you found – $$$$ You have to pay for it – the old fashioned way. Google ads, marketing, via media networks….it costs $$$$$

  87. Thanks for the tips poppy. I have just started a blog page (yesterday!) about our dairy farm. We already have over 1000 FB likes but I wanted to be more engaging. I will certainly be having a look at other blogs…. Although blogging farmers may be a rare breed?!! :)

  88. Really useful advice! Thank you Poppy! It’s tough getting yourself out there, but these tips are great. Keep up the lovely work! Xx

    Boost Support

  89. Thank you so much for helping people out with these absolutely brilliant tips, I really appreciate it! They definitely will help me a lot now.

    I do have a blog of my own and I’d love you to check it out, it would mean a lot to me :-)

  90. Wow, I just searched for this and this has been very informative and there are some suggestions on this I have not even applied! Very good post :) I’m hoping to connect with other bloggers via bloglovin and gain some followers on blogger….hope I do soon!


  91. I’ve only just started blogging, thought it would help boost my confidence and get me thinking about things slightly deeper.

    I love to see how you’re blog post is still generating followers, and help to people years after it was written!

  92. I’ve only just started blogging, thought it would help boost my confidence and get me thinking about things slightly deeper.

    I love to see how your blog post is still generating followers, and help to people years after it was written!

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