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Tucked away down a weeny street, (so weeny Red and I couldn’t find it) lies one of London’s best kept musical secrets – The Karamel Music Club, a true magical gem nestled in the heart of the Chocolate Factory 2.

Every second Wednesday, the Karamel Klub hosts a glorious cosy and high class musical evening of songwriting, stellar musicianship and merriment, which is completely and utterly free. FREE. They’ve had some outstanding people play over this last year, including Rosi Golan, (rising star) Jacqui Dankworth (Jazz royalty) Chris Helme (Sea Horses) Chris Difford (Double Ivor Novello)… etc.. (Am I name dropping?) So we were excited.

Red and I stumbled into Karamel out of the rain after walking in the wrong direction for 20 mins, (I blame my iPhone. Red blames me) and were immediately welcomed by a gigantic grin, which belonged to one Mr Chris Sheehan – the host, energy and brains behind the event. He escorted us (through a throng of happy people chittering and chattering excitedly) to our table and we ordered our dins. Fish and chips pleasey. 

Within minutes our food had arrived and while we ate, Chris explained why this particular evening was a bit different from the norm.. he also kept pinching my chips. (No biggie – the portions were enormous.)

All the artists playing that night were all outstanding session musicians, so you won’t necessarily have heard of them, but you will probably have heard of many of the people they’ve played for – Tim Minchin, Jarvis Cocker, Elbow… there I go again. 

Their musicianship is second to none – they’ve all trained their socks off and are at the very top of their game…and they were all jolly nice people too. The Karamel Club gave them a platform to perform their pieces in their way, with all eyes on them. And it was very special indeed. 

Helen Whitaker

They all played some amazingly dramatic, colourful, exciting and diverse pieces, which I can’t possibly explain but you’re going to have to take my word for it. It was nothing like I nor Red, (she said so) had ever heard before. I know that’s what Simon Cowell says on Britain’s Got Talent, but this was different. This was Really Good.

They were received brilliantly. There were whoops! and woohoos! and clever whistles that I can’t do but wish I could.

Next Wednesday, 25th April, the Karamel Music Club is back to its old tricks and you’ll find Matt Woosey, Vive and Sophie Smiles performing for your pleasure. 

I suggest you get yourselves down there. And may I also recommend the fish and chips. (But eat fast – Chris has got eyes like an eagle…)

The Karamel Music Club
4 Coburg Road
Wood Green
London, N22

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