Well Groomed

I’ve got some bread in the oven this evening. I haven’t made bread before and I’m a little bit nervous. Although, my flat does smell like a proper London bakery and I’m quite enjoying writing in a floury haze.
Whilst I wait for my oven to go ping, I thought I would draw your attention to something lovely.
Niki Groom is one of those illustrators who makes you want to hug her and hit her simultaneously. Hugs for how she gets it so spot on, and the hitting bit is down to how maddened you will be by a) her ridiculous levels of talent and b) pure jealousy. It’s a girl thing.
As well as working on commissions for an impressive list of clientele, (Vogue – check. Saatchi and Saatchi – check), Niki Groom also offers a personalised stationary service, (including invitations etc) for all who roam this Earth.
Fyi – that includes you and me.
Ooh – ping.

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2 thoughts on “Well Groomed

  1. hey thanks poppy! please hug me rather than hit me though…play nice!
    i’m running some fashion illustration workshops soon, so will let you know the details nearer the time…oooh also got an exhibition in bath coming up x

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