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A stroll, some sunshine and
lunch at Goode & Wright, Portobello

Goode and Wright

Today I found myself back on Portobello Road, where I haven’t been for a few weeks… I’d missed it. I do think that the sun always seems to shine down on the Bello, no matter what the weather. It could be snowing in Walthamstow and I’m pretty confident that it would be blue skies and carnivals in W11.

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Autumn days..

Monsoon – Nantego Bag – £45

Here it comes.. I can feel it creeping round the corner and inviting itself for crumpets and tea. Hello Autumn. We’ve been waiting for you.

Autumn is my favourite season when it comes to my wardrobe. I like being cosy, but not so wrapped up that I can’t move my head from side to side.. nor so cold that I can’t feel my lips and end up dribbling hot chocolate all over my lap. That obviously didn’t happen last year. In November. In Le Pain Quotidien.

It’s also one of the more pricey seasons when it comes to clothes – the material is often heavier and there’s generally more of it – so I am taking it slowly and adding things to my wardrobe bit by bit.

This weekend I feel in love with this quilted dress from HOBBS NW3. I hadn’t intended to fall in love. It just happened. 

HOBBS NW3 – Quilted Dress – £69

Look how neatly they’re wrapping it up for me! The wrapping paper is designed by one of  HOBBS’ very own illustrators..

HOBBS NW3 – Quilted Dress – £69

It fits beautifully and is perfect for this inbetweeny weather. Right now I’m wearing it with bare legs, (I didn’t buy the bare legs – they are mine. I grew them myself) and sandals. But as the days grow colder, I’ll team it with tights and boots.. can’t wait.

My two other recent purchases are this super pretty and cosy bobble neckline jumper from M&S..

M&S Indigo collection: Bobble neckline jumper – £39.50
M&S Indigo collection: Bobble neckline jumper – £39.50

…and this gorgeous Monsoon tote..

Monsoon – Nantego Bag – £45

Monsoon – Nantego bag – £45

I have had so many compliments on this bag in the four days that I have owned it. A woman stopped me on the bus to admire it and ask where it’s from – it’s a bit of a showstopper. It’s sturdy and elegant and very spacious. I’m carting around my wallet, headphones, iPad mini (in its ever so pretty case, thank you Ted Baker) make-up and Kindle and there is still lots of room to spare…

Ted Baker – Bow tablet case – £39

Neither of these items are ridiculously pricy and I think they all look and feel far more expensive than their actual price point.

So go forth and pinch my wardrobe. I won’t mind. Just don’t sit next to me on the bus… (unless you’ve got Twiglets.)


Be still my heart

Thuja – Bow ballerina pumps – £45


I just saw these Ted Baker ballerina pumps and have fallen instantly in love. Kaboom!

They come in this gorgeous deep pink, orange or black, all with a contrast colour bow and I’ll be skipping through the Summer with them on my tootsies if I manage to get my hands on a pair before they sell out…

Best bit? They’re watermelon scented. (True).

So there’ll be sweet smelling feet all round. 

Poppy well and truly loves.